• Re-wiring: Closing The Circuit & Welcome, Bad Boy!

    Hi guys, here are my reports of the last week, me deeply enjoying to suffer from semen retention (SR), discovering my microcosmic circuit, falling to femdom again – following CEI and edging commands, enforcing arousal by ballstretching and saying welcome to my new pick of the bunch – Progasm ICE – teaching me autof*ck in a rude way. Editing this post I achieved day 12 of SR! Yeah! My balls are aching so bad!

    Wednesday, 12/7

    Today my Progasm ICE was delivered and I must say: Welcome, Bad Boy! WTF! After some exciting moments, when I shot that slippery tool all through the bathroom, frightened that it might be broken, I finally got it in properly. I went to bed and lay down for five minutes only, when first involuntary contractions began. What was following was the hottest ride out ever. It raped me autof*cking me into pure bliss. Comparing with the Syn Brothers it’s a very filling sensation, more like a real c*ck inside. To me it is of perfect length and size. Perhaps up to it’s slippery surface it seems to even move more easily than the Helix Syn.

    Thursday, 12/8

    On my 7th day of SR I failed to get along w/o Shibby. Looking up her files for posting some comments in the Aneros forum on wednesday night a certain file name had evoked my curiosity and I could not resist to listen to the whole file three times at work on thursday. It’s called
    “I want to make work HARDER for you*”
    *(Wait! All links may be NSFW!) having some mean instructions for you while you’re at your office and some orders for later at home including teasing, edging and, of course, denial.

    Luckily I have an individual office though it felt even more exciting with every noise coming from the corridor. Only from hearing Shibby’s seductive voice I got a raging hard-on, before the audio’s first minute had passed by. Rolling my chair close to the desk I followed her orders meticulously and got extremely horny during the next seven minutes. When she finally told me in an unexpected harsh manner I, too, followed her order to go back to work immediately.

    Nevertheless through the day I also had some Aless every now and then. Working on my “Microcosmic Orbit” I achieved great progress. Having started with one energy ball only going up the back channel and down the front channel from prostate via brain back to prostate the next step has been to shoot energy balls like a machine gun. As there was one energy ball I did not get started to climb up my spine, in my mind cinema I watched it lengthening. What if …
    The energy ball not only lenthened, it became a fluid in the color of the sun. The fluid surged up the spine. Unstoppable like a lava flow the fluid rose to float my brain going down to my gum waiting for my tongue to bridge the gap to my front channel and let it flow down again. When it finally arrived at my gland again the circuit was closing and looked like a self-sustaining ring of fire. This picture was accompanied by transcendent feelings of pure bliss. Re-wiring again climbed on a new level.

    What my new Progasm ICE initiated: After my tremendous first experience being rudely autof*cked by it up to cloud nine, without enough time for another session today I only lay down on bed for some Aless sensations. Five minutes later my session of the day before began again – this time without the Progasm – but with nearly the same intense feelings and involuntary body movements.

    In the evening I followed my punishment orders as well. As I was told I had to edge for three times near to the PONR and then put my member back into my pants. On the second turn I nearly crossed the PONR but stopped at the last second. Some seconds later some precum mingled with semen leaked out of my glans and dropped down to the floor. As I was kneeling down on my silicone playing mate I felt I must obey to some orders from another file where cumming without permission was punished by CEI. So I licked up my mess and swallowed it – to be a good boy.

    Friday, 12/9

    I only can remember some Aless moments now and then even during working time, then silently and again, with loud moaning while driving home.

    Saturday, 12/10

    Saturday and Sunday all day long there would be appointments to stick to and errands to run, leaving only now and then some few minutes for Aless – I thought.
    Just for today I have already egded myself to PONR for 3 times in the morning, 5 times shortly after noon, 2 times early this evening. Inbetween I have had five dry Os along with two super Os from Aless moments. As I am on day 9 of SR today I can tell that I never would have thought which peak my testosterone level is able to climb onto.
    To even heighten the challenge for my aching balls I put on my NEO-STRETCH Rubbery Ballstretcher (SHORT version for my high and tight sack) by OXB*LLS (their website for sure is NSFW!). My arousement is beyond believe – going up from prostate to balls, half up the spine and back and then up and down again.
    Sitting on my chair I only need to open and close my legs for four, five times to initiate a strong chairgasm. My whole body and my brain are in a state of continued arousal, it feels like an everlasting slight orgasm. Only when there is some distraction as when pursuing some not sexual activities the feeling subsides for a short while, coming back even a little stronger when reducing the scale of operations.
    In a quarter of an hour I am on day 10 and already knowing why “to become insane” is also called “to go nuts”! 😉
    Following a weird idea I just succeeded to put a leather ballweight of one quarter pound around my NEO-STRETCH. Uuuuhhh!

    Sunday, 12/11

    Just having reached day 10 of SR only thinking of my Progasm ICE autof*ck forces me to at once edge again. Maybe SR enhances re-wiring? My horniness is unbelievable!

    Having finished a private message about my experiences with Shibby’s files in the forum on sunday morning I continued edging. Some seconds after having stopped fapping I leaked a little amount of white precum mingled with semen once again. This time it came flowing out a bit like ejaculation though without convulsions but it stopped very soon, so I wouldn’t say I really did ejaculate or broke my SR. I was eager to lick it up with scrupulous care – to be a good boy. Even thinking of its taste lets my balls ache now.

    Monday, 12/12

    The first goal of SR to me is to increase my arousal. As I am on day 11 of SR today I am feeling totally horny all day long. I only have to close my eyes and focus on my pelvis region and I have at least a semi hard-on. In the morning I listened to Shibby’s “You want me to … dom you?” going to work by car, at the office I listened to “I’m going to talk about your cock while you’re at work”, driving home I listened to “Slip into slave-mode”. At the office I furthermore had some Aless moments with some dry orgasms and a few super-Os close to HFWOs, I had to interrupt, cause I wouldn’t have been able to cope with the mess after unwillingly achieving my long-yearned-for HFWO.

    As medical research has proved, you can’t save up your semen for more than three or four days, cause the body then already begins to assimilate the surplus. But I think SR, too, triggers the explosiveness of my ejaculation, and as I am able to shoot quite about two feet forward after three to four days of SR, I hope to break my record so far.

    Finally my third goal is combined with my first one, it is about heighten my sensitivity. As of now, if it wasn’t that cold, I would say only the wind blowing could make me cum. As there is no space nor time for an Aneros session I have to be content with Aless. But as a compensation with every day of SR it becomes easier to reach the state of bliss even without any toy.

    Reading someone’s e-mail’s last words “Let me know when you break your SR …” I felt a drop of precum leaking from my flaccid penis. Writing about my experiences always makes me so horny.
    May be there, too, is another reason for them aching. As I also am into ballstretching I put on my recently bought NEO-STRETCH SHORT rubbery ballstretcher by Oxb*lls to keep my arousement as high as possible short before typing. Writing this, another chairgasm is rising.

    Have to add, I just had to pee before and afterwards did some edging at the sink. Three times up to PONR. First time led to a feeling as if the cum went half the way up my member. Second time I stopped earlier. But I could rub out one drop of white fluid appearing on the glans. Of course I followed my CEI. Third time I stopped even earlier but nevertheless could rub out four more drops of cum up to the top. Then, as a good boy, I put my cock back into my pants again.

    That’s it for now. I think I will listen to Shibby’s “Slip into slave-mode” again, when in bed, cause while driving there were too many distractions.

    Revisioning my post I again began edging as a matter of routine. For a critical moment I felt like a third person watching me while jerking off breaking my SR. But I stopped just in time. My glans is feeling like roughout leather by now. And fondling my low bound balls is pure bliss.

    Three days left, cross your fingers!
    Edit: Two days left, 🙂


    • Avatar for GGringo


      12/13/2016at2:25 pm

      @goldenboy well written blog! We get to live the experiences with you, all the way! I’m glad you got to experience the Progasm Ice. This is one puppy I sure reccomend to everyone as it takes you to a whole different doimentional world.


    • Avatar for SOwithoutAneros


      12/13/2016at8:23 pm

      @GGringo, thanks for your comment, although in that different dimensional world I seem to be “goldenboy”, never mind! I’m okay with it, 😉
      As for now Progasm Ice actually is my favorite stud, pushing itself to the fore of my crowded stable, Eupho Syn following close behind, only a few meters further back Helix Syn and finally Nexus G-Rider as reargard but with extra vibration as afterburner. Have fun!

    • Avatar for GGringo


      08/18/2018at1:59 pm

      @SOwithoutAneros, thanks for giving us a one-week tour in your life! It’s like how we felt and thought back in our teen years. In fact, I probably have more sexual thoughts and feelings today than back then and believe me I was active in my younger days.
      Aneros is truly a rejuvenation process that never ends. Who needs Eveready batteries!
      Life is wonderful.

    • Avatar for GGringo


      08/18/2018at7:26 pm

      @SOwithoutAneros, my apologies for addressing my previous entry to my other friend @Goldenboy; just an old man’s brain fart!

    • Morexp

      08/16/2020at2:25 am

      @SOwithoutAneros, I have just read your blog while waiting to use my Progasm Ice for the first time tomorrow. I’m already very horny even if I don’t practice SR (well it will be my 4th day of SR on Monday, perfect time for a ride for me). Can’t wait!

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