• Rare Sunday session, October 22, with foreplay shaving my scrotum

    Hi guys,
    Sunday morning yesterday, there was the annual Marine Corps Marathon race here in DC. It is one of the greatest events yearly here. Unfortunately route of the marathon passed through my neighborhood and disrupted bus service to church, so much so that I had to stay home and view our church service over the Internet. After the service, I went to our 7 Eleven to get a coffee refill, a sandwich, and a couple pastries for lunch.
    I appreciate very much @goldenboy’s prolific Aneros blogs covering such topics as lucid dreaming, Youtube binaural beat videos, his pursuit of chastity and semen retention by wearing athletic cups which he calls “chastity” cups, etc., etc. Really hot material!
    Anyway after the service as I was taking my walk in my neighborhood, I was thinking about my sexual journey which in the last five or six years merged with my Aneros journey. I began to get horny, in fact super horny late morning. Many of you know of my intense jockstrap and athletic fetish which began in my puberty and adolescent years. I joined the Internet many years ago in 1993 when I got my first PC. I discovered then that there many guys on the Internet who share my fetish. One of them was a computer professional at a university in Wyoming who wore a jock and cup often to his office on campus. He also told me that he shaves his scrotum once or twice a week. Indeed there are quite a few athletes who wear cups for contact sports who shave their nuts regularly. A clean shaven scrotum prevents hair pulls or pinches when wearing a cup.
    So just before noon yesterday I shaved my scrotum for the first time in almost a year. I had gotten out of that practice after my hip injury at the beginning of this year. I discovered yesterday that I can shave my nuts standing in my shower easily using shaving cream. The whole process took about ten minutes. Not only did my testicles love my gentle attention, but also my penis too, which began to ooze precum from the meatus of my Glans!
    Afterwards I had to sublimate my horniness by having a rare Sunday session in the noon hour. I used in order just Eupho Classic, Helix Classic, MGX, and Progasm ICE. Like Saturday the day before, I let my Aneros models work on me naturally and easily of their own accord while Kegeling gently to boast their massage action. However I did Kegel more aggressively when I used my sleek, big bruiser Progasm ICE near the end of my session. The session lasted about an hour.
    Last night I slept well first wearing my All-Star Shock Jock with cup combo. An All-Star cup is rather large and appear a huge cup bulge in baseball players pants. Then I wore a Champion Sports supporter with cup. The cup has a thick gasket but smaller ball room, but it is very comfortable to wear both day and night. Finally towards morning, I donned my Nutty Buddy Mongo (XL) cup, a favorite of baseball players. This cup is designed to wear over a pair of compression shorts or boxer briefs but in the pouch of an ordinary jock. The layered configured of undergarment-cup-jock is designed to give the Nutty Buddy a floating quality. Plus this cup has a tail which covers a guy’s perineum or taint for maximum protection against errant baseballs. I just love to Kegel while wearing a Nutty Buddy Cup!
    I have an errand to run this afternoon, but I may have an Aneros session at sundown this evening. My horniness is really revved up while doing Kegels in composing this blog entry. Take care!

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