• rangerman

    MGX classic with many very pleasurable experiences. The ryhthmic feeling of the classic felt amazing and on occasion I would experience what I would define as small O's. But I never experienced a Super O. I had convinced myself they did not exist or would not for me.
    I then bought the Progasm Red Ice. I also purchased the lube the Aneros company recommended. I took a shower, cleaned up nicely and applied a liberal amount of lube to the Progasm. I jumped into bed and laid on my stomach. Within about two minutes I began to experience feelings I had never experienced before. I could immediately feel the pressure of the Progasm on my prostate. I begin to quiver, squirm and breath deeply. Within another few minutes I felt like I was going to come right off the bed. Wave after wave after wave of bliss. I got dizzy. I experienced the most pleasure I have ever had in my life. This lasted for at least 20 minutes. It was F*cking amazing.
    I have since tried the Progasm many times but have yet to experience the same feeling. Not sure if I am trying to hard or not hard enough. I am disappointed I cannot feel that same SUPER O feeling every time. Oh well. Maybe another SUPER O experience awaits me. :(

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