• Quiet after the storm

    Yesterday was a bit mind blowing. I think it was, after my wedding day, and the day each of my children was born, the best day of my life. I feel like a different person today, much more patient and calm.
    Today feels very calm, I even feel a bit low, but it see it as another stage in the process that I am going through and I feel it rather than try to understand it.
    I found memories of being some very painful events in my life coming to mind today, being made fun of, being put down at work and feeling helpless and victimised. I think it's all solar plexus stuff, nothing too heavy just a few thoughts coming into my head. I can also feel a pressure in the solar plexus area as if something is happening. I feel like just an observer at the moment. I need to let it just happen, this in unpredictable it has a mind of its own.
    I'm off work for this week so able to relax. I lay down in the field and brought myself to an Aless orgasm, it touched on a super-O. It's incredible that I can orgasm like this fully clothed at any time, without anything to clean up after.

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