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    This entry will be very different. Some of you may not know but my dad also is a aneros user. He has had it for about 5 months now. He has the Progasm Ice and he loves it. There's a blog I wrote on how he discovered them and me using it and how he got hooked to the toy and why he even likes anal play.
    We were suppose to be going on one of his business trips this weekend. But his comapny cancaled it and had to rescedue it. So instead of fun with dad while mom was at work we really had a indepth conversation about our sex lives and aneros experiences thus far. As you know I just celebrated my 1 year anniversary and he wanted to hear all about it. But I really wanted to see how he was doing and how he feels he has changed since buying th ty or does he feel any different at all. He began to tell me he oves it and that its a diffrent feeling then having the real thing up there. Oh yeah forgot to say thatdad is bisexual. Hasn't acted on any sexual intercourse with a man in years but still has those urges.
    He proceeded to tell me that his body just feels different. Like he's lighter and freeier. He's not as tense anymore and his sex life with mom couldn't be any better. He even has rode while with her but she didnt know. He said that he now last longer til where she wants to stop and he wil just jerk to get the other orgasms out of him. The thing he kind of has to get use to is the contast waves that conjur up inside himat od times. He could be at work and his mind might wonder and then he has to whip his pants cause theres a visible spot of pre cum on his pants. I told him I knew that feeling way to well. But I informed him that thicker jockstraps or breifs would solve that.
    He then informed me that him and mo has over heard me during my midnight sessions. He said that they hear muffled moans and the bed squeaking. He defuses the situation buy making there own bed shake.(its weird i can jump start there sex sessions) He see's me smiling and so happy and knows that the toys are doing there job. But he has informed me that he might be addcted to anal/prostate play. HE said that his mind goes crazy when he doesn't have something up there. He tod me at night he slips a finger in there just to calm his nerves. I sightly had my mouth gapping open. He has just as high as asex drive as me. I informed him that I am going through that now. I sleep with at least two fingers up mu brown hoe just to cam my ranging prostate down. He said he wants a bigger toy but the only thing i suggested was the Device. I told him he could use mine and see if he likes it. He used it last night.
    It's so freeing that I can talk to him in this way. To know that my dad is a married biseuxal man who loves anal and has a gay son. I am living the life. Like we talk about letting go and freeing our balls with a nice long lingering hands free orgasm and how the shaking really just amazes us both. I read so many post of men saying they can't let go and that they have not found the feeling that everyone else has found. Well its not hard. You like anal cearly so that should break your comfort zone down. Then since you like it indulge in it. Its all about pleasing you. My has shown me how to be flexable with ym toys and how to ride and bounce on it to really hit that spot. Other guys can feel this too its just there in there minds to much thinking people will disown them or make fun.
    If men found out that anal or prostate play made them hornier and with thicker cum they would buy out these toys. So yeah that was my rant. Me and dad are freaks and we love anal and yes before anyone ask my mom knows of my dads gay sexual history and she still married him. No my father did not sexually abuse me and yes we have rode together and jerked each others big black cocks off. I lvoe him and he loves me and aneros has made us closer.

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      04/17/2014at7:12 pm

      Heartfelt congratulations to you BigOluver on your 1st Anniversary and all your progress to date!!! And to your dear Dad and Mom, and your whole family!!! Thank you too for these great posts of your practices and your lives advancing. All the very best to/for you all in the days to come!!!
      as we rewire
      we are all reconnected

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