• Purity and Icicles

    The new year has started off with new mysteries concerning health; and,as is often the case, many questions and no answers. After a full abdominal scan, I spent a week waiting and pondering various scenarios pending a diagnosis — only to find more bloodwork needed to be done. Here in Maine, winter has also decided to settle in with 0 degree temps and brisk winds — to be expected, I know, BUT still not appreciated after 62 years.
    About the ONLY place pedictably warm is in bed under a few layers of blankets — AND that's where I was early this morning when I pushed a glob of KY gel into my anus and over my mgx. I have come to welcome the coolness of my aneros as it slides through my anal rings into place against my rectum. Its cool pressure against my prostate quickly sends the message of a pending journey of pleasure, peace and praise. My thoughts thank God for this reminder of his love for me. I slip deeper and deeper into this journey and find myself on a mountain top where I had spent many times, years ago, talking with God and marveling at his creation — both within and surrounding me. As I hear the calls of the birds and breeze in the leaves, I am well aware of the rhythmic pulsation of warmth exuding from my prostate — upward and outward through my scrotum and penis (much in the same manner it is pulsating as I write this entry). My mgx moves often — nudging against my prostate AND each time it does, a new surge of precum flows from the tip of my penis and runs down the inner side of my leg. I love that feeling and will use a finger to bring a drop or two to my tongue. By now, I am experiencing a strong current of energy flowing throughout my body — causing me to tremble, not wildly by any means, but enough for me to marvel at how completely these sessions involve my total being. From time to time, a major orgasm will cause my left breast to contort and THEN my prostate to clench — PRAISE be to God! How remarkable such joy is still possible while other parts of me experience pain and uncertainty!!! My mgx is held in place only by the p-tab and handle — otherwise it is fully pulled into my rectum. The waves continue with an orchestrated rhythm of power and warmth. I finally slide my mgx out through my anus; and, as always, upon its withdrawal, my anus clenches tight and another final surge of precum pushes out and runs down my leg. I then slide my middle finger into the inner chamber for a joyous finale. It touches the bottom of my prostate and causes a significant 0 of joy. My rectum closes around it and my pulse sends the message of life for another day. The final withdrawal of my finger ends another session along this journey of blessings — or does it? Now, over seven hours later, I am experiencing forceful waves, 0's and oozing precum — reminding me STILL of God's hand upon my being and journey to come.
    I rejoice in the purity of my journey and walk with God. He is my anchor admidst the storm; and, he provides these harbors of peace when all else is in turmoil. All honor and glory is HIS! It is my sincere prayer the aneros journey will bring countless other men closer to God — for we ARE wonderfully and marvelously made!!!

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      01/17/2012at11:12 am

      Beautiful description of the return of all good and perfect things to the source where they derived…….from God who made these male bodies and who is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him
      Continue to give us your experiences, Starr. The light from a candle is not seen closeted away. But put in a strategic spot where its light can illuminate and help others find their way in darkness.

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