• Pulse

    Tried something different today with the Vice. I put the vibe on a consistent pulse setting. I usually just put in on high vibe that is constant and creates the massage by working the device with Kegels.The feeling was something new as it seemed to stroke my prostate. I used a generous amount of coconut oil however the Vice session was over an hour before it moved to the next phase. In that time the coconut oil absorbed. No real big deal ..but..note for next time to add a layer of Vaseline to ensure the lubrication continues through the whole session. The new vibe experience was nice. The speed of the pulse made it difficult to sync the autofuck experience. Good news is : I have seven other setting of the vibe that I have not tried !
    She came in after an hour of mini Os and almost over the edge moments and took me in her mouth. I was already erect from the massage. The silky feeling on my cock was lovely… I was thrusting up to her off the bed as she swallowed me. The pulsing continued…she's talking to her friend on the phone and sucking me in between the conversation. The friend catches on and lets her go so she can give me the attention I desire.
    The blowjob intensifies and I am cautious not to cum to quick and ruin the excursion ! She pushes her panties down and off. She get her Rabbit out the drawer. Spreading herself with her left hand she teases her clitoris with the ears of the Rabbit. Her clit quickly engorges as she has not had an orgasm in a while. She pants and focuses on that perfect spot..the spot that's gonna make her cum !
    I stroke myself with coconut oil as I watch her buck into a multiple orgasm. She moans and squeals in delight ! My cock grows in girth to the point it broke the rubber cock ring! Guess I will be shopping shortly.
    Watching her bask in her orgasm as I stroke a very hard dick. I roll on top and slide it into her. Vice still pulsing and inserted. She is very wet and lubricated. She puts her feet over my shoulders and I bury myself deep into her pussy. She creams on the bottom of the thrust. I love how that feels on my cock. Must feel pretty awesome for her to. She rolls over so we are in like V position. This allows for very deep penetration. Probably the deepest possible with respect to position. My cock is seven inches with a nice girth, probably a little more when in the heat of the moment. So I'm pretty certain she was enjoying this as much as I was.
    I can tell I am getting way too close and pull out of the love cocoon. I stroke myself as she touches and fingers her pussy. I spurt all over her dripping vagina and fall onto her exhausted.
    What a fantastic session !

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