• Prostate Massage

    My situation is the more I cum the more I need to cum. It is kind of a use it or lose it state of being. So after a ball draining hand job the night before last, my desire last night was steaming and hissing like an old radiator on a cold winter morning. When J and I got in bed I doused the light, and she cuddled up against me and put her hand on my chest. I reached up and put my own hand on top of hers in a reassuring pat. After a few minutes I kissed her forehead.
    My sexuality has been evolving and shifting over time. The nature of my desire has swayed as it has increased each year. It has been a process of expanding need as I sought edgier and edgier experiences. The path has led me to the most extreme thing I have done so far, engaging in M-M sex a few times. Having reached that watershed I feel like it is the end of the experimentation phase of my sex life. The last few months have witnessed me turning to more and more inward and intimate relations with my wife and a move away from male involvement. It is a welcomed home coming to female intimate connection.
    She began to be involved in my MMO sessions a couple of years ago as an active participant and has been a willing passive participant several times a week. We have never done anal sex on her but she does love both cunnilingus and analingus. Most of the edgier sex we have done has been on me.
    So as we have settled on greater intimacy between us it has focused on those things that we both feel comfortable with. From her participation in my MMO sessions she has become acutely aware of the orgasmic sensitivity of my anus.
    So as we lay there she slid down in the bed until her mouth was level with my right nipple; latching onto it with her lips she suckled it and tugged at it teasing it to aroused hardness in the taunting heat of her mouth. She then began to flick the rigid pebble of flesh with the tip of her tongue as she wrapped her hand around my cock shaft and embraced it below my cockhead. With incredible skill she held it firmly imitating the sensation of me being in her pussy and gently squeezed it expressing a clear drop of pre cum. The firm grip of her hand around the base of my long hard cock did feel somewhat like her pussy mouth gripping my cock. My cock shaft was immobilized in her firm grip with my cock head exposed not touching anything.
    She squeezed my shaft gently but assertively a few more times in a rhythmic pattern expressing several large fat drops of pre cum to collect and form a stream that dribbled down my cock shaft. I could feel the telltale vibration at the core of my shaft that told me I was dripping. When she moved her hand up my shaft and placed my frenular cleft in the soft palm of her hand I knew I was dripping because I felt the exquisite slippery friction of her skin on the hyper erotically sensitive taut skin under my turgid cock crown.
    J has become a master using that hold on my cock head, enveloping it in her palm providing eloquently sensual friction as she tugs me off. It allows her to use the copious pre cum that oozes from my cock slit to lube the landing pad for my semen; taking maximum advantage of the precum this grip will give me maximum sensation on my cockhead and will insure that I arch my back and piss a solid stream of cum in her palm.
    So as she rubbed my cockhead in her palm she created that divine tension that she desired; my cock turned to iron as she rubbed and tugged me. There is something primal and extremely arousing feeling her hand on my corona and the pulling tension on my cock root when I am aroused. The intimate eroticism and divine sensation enhances the mind numbing pleasure as I climb the ladder of my arousal. As my cock hardened to stone my prostate sympathetic became rigid and sensitive.
    To insure that my arousal was at the edge she sucked my nipple hard as she coaxed my lust hardened cockhead to surrender to the pleasure and regurgitate its clear nectar into her palm. As usual, her magic worked. As I slowly and laboriously climbed the ladder to erotic rapture she continued the sweet torture of my nipple in her mouth and the tugging plea on my cockhead. With memories of eating my sweet creamy cum from her warm pussy I reached the pinnacle of my arousal; my large purple hued hot cockhead glistened with my passion throb.
    She knows my sexual response like a book. Releasing my nipple from her mouth she asked me to kneel doggy style and put my face on the mattress. The net effect of this position is to thrust my ass up and expose my anus stretching the skin of my tight ass cheeks so that my pink hole was exposed. At the same time my balls and cock hung down between my thighs.
    This position is exquisitely vulgar and highly erotic for me. Just being in this position exposing myself and offering myself to her amplified my arousal. My anus was twitching in erotic desperation.
    She squeezed a dollop of lube from a tube on the night stand next to our bed and spread it on her hand. Applying the slippery tips of her fingers to my perineum, balls, cock root and the opening of my anus she began to dance the tips of her fingers over my quivering skin. In the hyper aroused state I was in the sensation of warm smooth pressure sliding around the hypersensitive flesh of my most erogenous spot was beyond divine. As my anus twitched with each touch my heavy cock lurched hanging between my thighs. A long string of precum hung suspened from my cock slit linking me to the sheets like a kite string.
    As she sensuously massaged the smooth landscape of my pelvic floor with one hand she reached around me and gently toggled my nipples. I could feel the cloak of erotic euphoria wrapping around me. As it covered me I sank into a state of urgent yet peaceful rapture. My anal tract was trembling on the precipice of MMO, begging for a stimulation to deliver the aching pleasure i knew so well.
    After minutes of excruciating teasing my wish for deliverance was granted. I felt her finger circling around my anus in increasingly smaller and smaller circles. My anus was quivering in anticipation as my heart raced and gentle spasms began to gather deep in my anal canal.
    Then after what seemed an eternity I felt the tip of her finger teasing the tender flesh at my anal opening. My rectum flinched with the much anticipated divine sensation of the gentle tap of her finger on the hypersensitive skin that triggers my pleasure spasms. I was savoring the teasing torment of her finger tip at the threshold of my ecstasy allowing my mind to drift to distant imagined venues where I wallowed in sweet erotic pleasure twisting in sweet agony as women watched me with fascinated curiosity.
    Suddenly I was jerked back to reality by the sensation of anal intrusion. Slowly and gently her finger parted the puckered skin of my anus, wiggling with practiced dexterity as it sought the path to my core. I gasped as she slid into me stimulating the skin inside of my anal canal to twitch, and tingle as pleasure waves began to radiate inside me. Deeper and deeper she probed until her finger was in me as far as it could go. I was frozen in mute acknowledgement of the sweet pleasure I felt in my rectum. Suddenly thoughts of the expression “man pussy” flooded my brain as she began the slow and deliberate massage of my prostate. I could feel my semi rigid gland pulse and hard under her touch. Each pulse sending a ripple of pleasure echoing into this mysterious and wonderful new sex organ that is my anal canal an down my cock shaft to gather around my cockhead in electrical sparkles that tingled and teased precum to drool from its opening.
    I was experiencing the deeply gratifying peace inducing – exciting sensation of penetration. As I relished the divine pleasure of probing stimulation I felt her withdraw. The momentary disappointment was immediately replaced by gripping spasms that resulted from my anus being stretched by the intrusion of what I imagined could only be two fingers. Feelings of intense rapture began flood my anus as my opening began to rhythmically suck on her fingers.
    With firm yet gentle determination she began to stroke and massage my gland. Covering it with two fingers and stroking it she coaxed it to fully convulse. With metronome like precision, rhythmic pulsing waves of agonizing ecstasy began to pump in my sex organs. The began deep in my anal canal and rolled with eloquent force out of my anus and along my perineum to my cock root. Each spasm gripped my cock root and squeezed it causing my entire rigid shaft o lurch as it hung engorged and heavy between my legs. Wave after wave of excruciating pleasure rolled through me as I remained on all four ass in the air welcoming her practiced skill.
    As the waves of ecstasy continued their relentless cadence I felt myself drifting into a rapturous quiet. Any sense of place or time disappeared. I was surrounded by the mesmerizing peace of extreme erotic bliss. The darkness that surrounded me was saturated with gentle erotic sensations and the intensely arousing tension and release of building and exploding orgasm. Time had no meaning. I ceased being a man. I became the sensation of relentless orgasm manifested as flesh and body. That body trembled and shuddered as my anus drank pleasure in gulps in response to its thirst for orgasm.
    I was sweating from the arduous effort of accommodating repetitive orgasm with no ejaculation. I could not count by I can imagine that I had hundreds of orgasmic spasms. When she slipped her fingers from my trembling anus the aftershocks of orgasm and the desperation of erotic need were still gripping my sex organs. My cock was rock hard.
    She lost no time wrapping her hand around my rigid cock to begin the process of granting me a much needed ejaculation. She began to jelk my cock milking it firmly pulling downward and tugging on it with one hand while with the thumb of her other hand she rubbed the sensitive cleft under my cockhead using my own precum for lube. It didn’t take long for my perineum to tense and my anus spasm as the first spasm of ejaculation teased my prostate. That teasing itch deep inside me was followed by the elegant sensation of ejaculative inevitability that follows. I then felt the wad of cum make that long arduous journey from my prostate to my aching cockhead. The sweet tingling pleasure of that journey made me arch my back and hump, in essence fucking her hand. The thrusting of my pelvis and vulgar position I was in coupled with the welcomed friction of her hand surrounding my cock as I fucked it, hastened the anguished delight of ejaculation. I suddenly felt the exquisite itching relief of my creamy semen being pumped from my prostate as it made the journey to pour from my cock slit. And then it happened; the honey of my ecstasy spilled from my cock slit in a rhythmic stream. I felt its heat pissing into her palm; it made the fleshy shroud of her hand around my cockhead extremely slippery and extremely hot.
    I pulsed four hard jets of my man honey into her palm as she gently held my cock coaxing me to empty by stroking my cleft. The gentle tug and sweet massage on my regurgitating cock sent a jolt of electrical pleasure to my prostate and wrung it hard to squeeze the last drop of cum from it.
    She brought her hand up to my mouth. A pool of my hot load filled her palm; she softly asked me to taste it. As she rested the lower edge of her palm on my chin she tilted her hand to allow me access to my still warm load. I dipped my tongue into the thick hot pool and coated the tip of my tongue in it; I tasted my familiar sweet tangy spunk. It was still steamy hot from my body and thick and slippery.
    As I said in the previous entries, she has over the years developed deep satisfaction and erotic pleasure making me eat my own cum. Sometimes she will take it from her pussy and spread in on her nipple repeatedly so I can lick her nipple clean and suck it off. Other times I drink my warm semen directly from her fleshy fur lined cup; yet other times I will lick it from her palm as I did at that moment. As part of our sexual repertoire, she loves it and I am happy to oblige as I know it turns her on. Whether it is by association or it is a result of my evolving sexual taste as a result of my rewiring I have really developed a taste for my own cum. I love the taste, texture and the warm creaminess of it. I can’t tell a lie I especially like the fact that she is feeding me my freshly expressed warm cum from her body.
    My erotic mind is an ever changing vista. At times it convinces me to savor the extended intense tender anguish of anal orgasm and other times it welcomes a cock centered ejaculation that empties my sex glands of their viscous secretions. Either way I have learned to accept pleasure however it is delivered. I am very flexible.

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