• Prostate discovery

    * Prostate finally felt – warm and tingly.
    * No touching or erotic audio/visuals.
    * Letting the body naturally shake engorges the sensations.
    * Realising and understanding the unique feelings when Aneros is in, as opposed to out.
    * Some positions worked better than others )Durr…(
    * Shaking my right leg 'released' some pleasures, odd.
    The session last night uncovered a few things that, while obvious, helped me to get proper usage out of the Aneros. Saying that, this is what virtually every entry goes into )if it isn't sulking(
    Feeling perked by my project finally moving forward, I felt I could sleep for once that night. Some insecurities were dealt with and fear levels were down. My arousal took a flying leap from this, though. Maybe it was pent up by the stress all this time.
    So I thought maybe giving the Aneros another go might give something worthwhile. It sure did. Putting it in I remembered to take note of what feelings I was getting in session. Within half an hour in – it occurred to me that the Aneros is generating pleasures from the prostate. Typically in sessions I use imagery and nipples to progress things, but this was the wrong way of doing it. This time I just let the Helix sit in there and do nothing else.
    By 1:00am I was quivering and shaking my lower regions frantically, with heavy breathing pushing things further. Eventually I sat on the floor with my body over the bed like my previous entry and things progressed similarly.
    Throughout the whole session I focused purely on the sensations that were developing within the anus and at some points, even for a brief moment, I'm certain I felt the warm tingle of the prostate. In fact, I think I felt the approaching of the Super-O. It was an overbearing and powerful feeling, even if the distance to it still felt far away, metaphorically speaking.
    Some other points to mention is my right thigh which interestingly had some pleasurable aching, like an itch. I felt this before numerous times in previous sessions yet brushed it off as one of those oddities when on the journey. This time it dawned on me that I might get something out of putting the thigh to some work. I deliberately shook it and my arousal grew.
    At that time a memory sprung to me, no doubt a missing puzzle piece: during my first Super-T last year, as I grew towards it my right leg shook frantically – my ankle tapping the ground. It was peculiar but semi-natural too. That muscle helps to pump the pleasure or something? It worked well regardless.

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