• Pro's & Con's

    I'm different. I can feel and people are now starting to notice. The smile has gotten wider. I have a extra spring in my step. I am just filled with extra joy. I have a ora around me that is shining bright and is blinding everyone I come in contact with. My phoenix has spread his wings and emerged into everyday life and is here to stay. My old life is calling back to me but I'm so far gone that I can't go back even if I tried. My phoenix has me on a track to pure blissfulness and I can't disobey.
    A lot of guys in the chat and forums always ask me how I got this way and I don't have a answer for them. I don't even know how I got here. It's like my body was made for this. Like my body been urning for this feeling and I finally have mastered it. I'm so different. I don't even recognize my self anymore. It's good but also has it's down falls.
    I'm so happy
    I have lost weight
    I'm more energetic
    I can handle stressful situations better
    I have stronger orgasms
    I have a heavy flow of cum in my orgasms
    I'm not shy anymore
    I'm a lot more talkative
    Get work done in a timely fashion
    Have a closer relationship with my dad
    I pre-cum a lot more
    Have longer orgasms
    I'm always horny
    I'm always hard
    My penis pulsates at the wrong time
    My orgasms be too intense
    I now have the urge to cum when ever
    I have had to wash sheets more times then needed
    I j/o entirely to much
    I can't stop masturbating
    Get p waves and dry o's at the wrong damn time
    I have cum in my eyes to many times
    My awaken prostate does not let me sleep
    My prostate always wants to play even when I'm tired
    I have fallen off the bed from sessions
    I have been caught in my sessions cause of loud moaning
    My moaning has got extremely louder
    I'm not complaining but just for all those newbies out there just know what your getting your self into. Once you open up that door there is no returning back. Anal play is very enjoyable but prostate play is only for the serious men out there that like a challenge in there sex life. Once awakening the phoenix he will not go back down to his cage. He is free to run havoc on your life but in a good way. Have fun but be safe. He's a tricky little guy. That little device that you now have is a treat. Cherish it but it will take time to get him fully awoken. With a clear mind it will happen very quickly but the stubborn who are afraid will have trouble. So just be patient. He will fly like a eagle soon enough.
    But I'm now at the point to where I want to take a break. I love my helix but I'm becoming to dependent on it. So I will not be riding for a while. I will clearly still have a-less sessions but no riding. I need this break. My anus needs this break. This will make my journey so much better to get this time to myself. But when I insert again the fireworks will happen and will be again the orgasming fool.

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