• progressing

    It has been 3 weeks since my last blog and I have probably had 6-8 sessions since then. Not keeping track of every session which i feel is a good things. In fact I am treating some of my sessions as practice sessions keeping them short and not expecting to much. Most of my pleasure seems to be in the first 30 -45 minutes and then i seem to try and start making things happen. I now am getting subtle pulses in my prostate during my sessions very faint almost like a heartbeat. Just one pulse and a little twinge. They are becoming more frequent now during a session and I think I am moving along. I start out on my side as reccomended and usually get good feelings within 10 minutes and some pulsing and then it subsides after about thirty min. Recently i have started rolling on to my stomach after the thirty minutes and in my last session was having increased pulsing at closer intervals. They are definitly involuntary and feel nice but short. At this point it is very difficult to not let my mind think that something good is ready to happen and try and force the issue and lose the feeling. i am getting better mind control and can get back but man it is easy to lose the relaxed focus needed. Then the phone rang i looked at who it was, looked at the clock started thinking about i should be doing something else and it was over. Got up and took a hot shower and left the Aneros in during the first half of the shower. never realy walked around with it in before. It felt pretty good in the hot shower and then it was easy to take it out and clean up right there. So going to give it a couple of days rest and try again but i am confident know that i know how to get to that point and enjoy what is coming to me. know to relax and try to omit the distractions and hope for great things to cum.

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