• Progress updates

    So I believe that an open blog like this, where I can talk about my progress and stories in an aneros-centric community, will help me with changing my mindset to not judge my sessions as “successful” or “unsuccessful” and to simply be mindful of what occurred.

    I had found myself a little over 7 days abstinent going into this weekend. On Friday, I also met a cute new guy who’s going to be coming over on Monday to see me 😀 In our talking, I mentioned that I had been saving up my loads (in my own head for an eventual Aneros session), but he seemed to really like the idea of me being all horny for when we meet up.

    Anyway, I was pretty busy Saturday with a concert so Sunday was my me time. I spent the morning running errands on my bike, but once I came back from doing my laundry my interests started getting naughtier. I was looking into buying a latex catsuit (since I’d love to try latex), and realized I was starting to get myself horny. Eventually, after browsing online long enough, I decided to lock myself in my Holy Trainer v2 chastity cage and go run an errand. Once I got back however is when things started to get hot.

    I realized that I hold a lot of tension in the muscle that raises and lowers my balls when I put my chastity cage on. I had also discovered in previous aneros sessions that relaxing the tension in this muscle made for a good session, although I struggled putting it into practice.

    I tried to relax with the cage on but just kept getting hornier and hornier. Eventually I decided to start playing with my hole by fingering myself. I added lube and started to practice warming up my hole and relaxing. I moved on (probably too quickly) to my Njoy pure wand for a little bit, trying to relax and let it in, but I found myself feeling rushed and impatient with my own pleasure. I noticed that when I’m with a lover, I’m actually pretty vocal in my pleasure, but have some sort of mental block on vocalization when I’m alone. (This probably comes from when I first was exploring my prostate with the aneros as a young teenager, and had to resist making any noises lest my parents hear my moans and pants). I say that I moved on too quickly because I’m trying to be more vocal about my pleasure and enjoy the journey, instead of holding a lot of tension in myself and rushing to a traditional orgasm.

    Anyway, I switched from the Pure Wand to my Aneros Helix Trident after a little while, and was having fun teasing my hole as I practiced relaxing. At this point I was still definitely holding tension in my abdomen, in that muscle that controls my balls. Eventually I put the Helix Trident all the way in, but had two conflicting things fighting in my psyche: One was the pleasure that I felt as my semi erect cock became harder and harder dripped against my abdomen. The other was, again, tension in my body because I was afraid of the aneros.

    What happened next was, instead of me vocalizing with moans or something, me tensing and releasing my whole body in an attempt to keep quiet (e.g. pretending to move involuntarily like some of the videos that show aneros sessions). This then fed the mildly heightened sensations from my cock head resting against my belly. I proceeded to tense my whole body about until I effectively fucked myself until cum started to drip out of my cock. I didn’t spasm internally like ejaculation with big depths of release, but rather dribbled out semen on a smoothed over ride that went on for a while. I would almost describe it as akin to a pleasurable milking, since I was tensing my body to get to this point.

    Overall, though the session provided a lot of release (after I had been teasing myself all day with sexy thoughts), I didn’t go on much of a journey to the Super-O. I think I might practice jerking myself off while keeping my abdominal muscles relaxed, because I also have a habit from wanking where I would tense myself up to cum quicker, rather than enjoying the sensations of my dick.

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