• Progress -Trying new things with my sessions

    Ive had several sessions since my last post- a few were noteworthy for one reason or another.
    On one occasion the anticipation of having the house to myself was such a delicious feeling. I began having aless in the car on the way home just thinking about the session I was going to have. When I had finally prepped I remember really savouring the insertion of the progasm- my ass was SO HUNGRY for it and at about halfway it just sort of gulped and pulled it in tight and involuntarily clenched down on it. It was all I could do to try to relax and breathe.
    Another session I used the HypnoAneros tracks for the first time instead of watching porn and found it to be a real turn on.
    All of my sessions now culminate in heavy leaking without erection, many p waves and deep aching deliciousness and euphoric surges often with a wonderful warmth in my heart region. Many times I will let the progasm do its thing while I concentrate on breathing deeply-and then at some point manually stimulate my perenium to climax.
    I always enjoy aless for a day or so after my sessions now too.
    Am seriously considering adding some variation with a new model -perhaps a Eupho or Helix Syn . Will be trying shea butter as a new lube instead of the KY and other things I have tried. Coconut oil has been good to me too -but I have cleaned out my wifes supply in a short time..

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