• Progress- mini-Os

    have been traveling the Journey for a while now and this week am alone, so I treated myself to a new Progasm Jr.
    Had some good p-waves immediately with it but then was interrupted. Returned after soaking in a hot bath and some porn. I continue to break my no-porn rule… Seems the only way I can help distract the mind.
    After the bath, back to PJr and went for a seriously long ride.
    On left side, knees together, bent as in a chair generated some great p-waves again but flipped to right side after a couple hours, same position.
    The PJr seems to fit me well- can control it for various movements. Found a really good porn clip as my p-waves were hovering, and then concentrated on making a 'come hither'/g-spot movement on the prostate. Slowed my thrusting even further to just below a subtle rocking… Let it build and enjoyed 5 or 6 mini-Os over probably 3/4 hour.
    Wanted to see what the eupho would do for me, so swapped and flipped back to left side and almost had another mini. Swapped back, flipped back but could not regain and was very tired. Finished with a whopper of a super-T.
    The minis were dry and great. It was nice to ride without the recovery from a normal O.
    All in, pleased with the session and satiated for a while – until tomorrow probably!

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