• Prograsm Ice = Butt Marauder

    So I came in from lunch and as I was returning all my family were leaving to go shopping. Wife was already at work and had already completed her midday home trip.

    It was just me…the dog…and my prostate.

    I started with some Aless. It was fantastic. 2 Super-Os lasting over 5 mins each. I felt all tingly. I decided to retire to the room and get it on with the Helix Syn. It was ok…some good pleasure. A few pwaves. Several times it was moving on its own but it never really hit that spot. My prostate then spoke to me. It said one word….Progasm.

    Now some background here. Me and this unit have never seen eye to eye. It’s a lot to put it in. It never feels comfortable. The only time I ever get pleasure from it is if I decided to masturbate (which before I had super-Os I would ALWAYS do and this would ALWAYS be the model I end my sessions with).

    Today was different. I lubed it up and while it was still difficult getting that first bulb in…after that it slid right in to place and it kissed my prostate. That was different. I laid down and just took deep breaths. Shortly thereafter it felt like my rectum expanded to allow more of the big boy in. My cock got super soft…unlike any other time…but I felt it…I felt it starting to tingle…it moved like it was shifting…very very small movements…but they were deliberate and to the point. And then it happened…

    Like a freight train…

    This shit started to rape the living day lights out of me. It was mad aggressive…just thinking back on it is making me hard. It moved swiftly but when it landed on my prostate it landed like a graceful ninja. Actually…it is the Kungfu Panda of the Aneros line. It had me screaming and moving my hips. It got more and more aggressive. It subsided a bit…I picked up my phone and as soon as I unlocked it…this shit rammed me again…even more aggressive. I thought I was going to cum…however I was barely even at chubby levels. I was recording this entire thing. My body had responded so differently to this. My recording was over a minute and I already had two back to back Super-Os from this thing. I was a mess…I politely slipped it out of my crack and threw it on the the towel that lay under me.

    I needed to take a shower. I got in the shower…sharpened my knife a bit…precum dribbled out of my penis…I never precum. I felt satisfied but I sit here now typing this up with a whole ton of butt buzz.

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