• Progasm Ice Multiple super Os

    Long time no blog! Well I had nothing interesting to say. I have had lots of session with the progasm Ice but nothing to write home about.
    I can Insert the progasm with out pain now and have been practicing.
    This morning I was In the zone!
    Most of the session I could not feel the aneros itself in me, All I could feel is the feeling of my sphincter being dilated and just pleasure radiating out from my prostate and anus up and down my body.
    I was hoping it would never stop.
    I went through many bouts of dry Os and then The super Os started.
    I had 5 in a row. I think my eyes rolled back in my head and span right back round again! It was great.
    After the 5 one everything stopped dead?
    I thought that was a bit weird and then a minute past and it was on again for another two super Os.
    After that the pleasure just continued for about 2 hours but no more supers, only dry Os.
    My ring is a bit sore and the muscles are a bit sore under my stomach.
    I got a bit carried away towards the end and had the biggest super T I can remember in at least 20 years.
    I blew twice the amount of cum that I normally would have but as I came the progasm slipped out to the second hump and as I reached down to stop it another contraction came and blew it clean out onto the bed.
    Wow what a ride. It just gets better and better.
    I experienced a surprise attack of pleasure today.
    Another milestone.

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      02/01/2013at5:43 pm

      Congratulations, Braveneworld! It looks like the Progasm Ice is delivering all sorts of Aneros blessings and then some!

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