• Progasm ICE as an exercise tool : Part III

    Hi guys,

    This morning at 6:30 a.m. I had an another session with Progasm ICE that appear to be a continuation of my previous sessions recently with this Aneros tool. But this morning my ride with Progasm ICE was both settling in and explorations of the massage action of this amazing tool upon my anal musculature and my prostate.

    Over my decade of working with this Aneros, my journey had several distinct phases. The initial phase was getting used to anal play and the action of my various Aneros tools. That lasted from June to September 2012. The second phase lasted a good five years from September 2012 to September 2016. At times my sessions seemed laborious. There were times during these long years that my sessions were enjoyable. However most often after sessions I would come away with powerful and Aless that would continue into the evening.

    In mid August 2016, on a lazy summer morning, I had a stroke of inspiration while riding a city bus. I began Kegeling during my bus ride. The Kegels radiated sheer pleasure throughout my body. My appointment that morning didn’t come to pass, so I returned home mid morning where I composed my regimen of Kegel Exercises to rev up the pleasure during my Aneros sessions. That regimen led me to my Aneros breakthroughs a month later in mid September 2016 with Super-O’s and MMO’s.

    Since then, I am in my current phrase when most nights I diddle my nipples in bed and often create in myself the sweet and powerful bliss of Super-O’s and sometimes MMO’s!!!

    However this morning’s session was in a class by itself. First ten or so sustained Kegels. Then just relaxing and let this tool work on my anatomy. Having fun with my diddling and it they affect the action of Progasm ICE. However more wonderful is my educated anal musculature in performing Kegels that so natural and pleasurable.

    The Progasm ICE because of its sleekness lends itself for this activity. The original version of Progasm, Progasm Classic, is more heavy duty. I hope to Progasm Classic in a few days.

    Take care!

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    • Ggringo

      06/18/2020at6:17 am

      Reading your 3 blog entries on your Progasm Ice made my prostate crave for a taste of mine. I inserted mine last night and had a great session!

      Take care

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