• Progasm Enough Said

    Hello all. Well I'm back. I think. Had a session this morning before the parents got back and I'm still feeling it. lol Ok well let me try to explain two days of just pure bliss. I mean this was by far the best sessions I have ever had. Also thanks to all my brothers here who had wished me happy birthday. Trust me I had a very happy one.
    Ok so I was off work so I was with my mom and dad and sisters and nephew all enjoying my birthday like i had planned it. Laughs were being heard and a good time was being had. But on the inside I was twitching trying to compose myself of the anticipation of using my new prostate toy the big and delightful Progasm Ice. So we had desert, sang happy birthday and traveled back to the house. I opened up presents as fast as I could. I wanted them gone so I can open up my other really good present. My dad saw the eagerness on my face and just laughed. Said my thank yous and my sisters and nephew went home. Ok three gone two to go.
    My dad was bringing the bags down stairs for there trip. He pulled me aside and told me how proud he was of me and that I was the man that he knew I turn out to be. We hugged and mom came slowly behind joining in on the hug. Mom went to the car and before dad left he reassured that I should be careful and not to have to much fun. He said he would call when landed to make sure I'm still breathing lol. We hugged again and as soon as I saw there car disappear in the distance I did my happy dance and ran in the house to really start my birthday.
    I ran up stairs got completely naked and hopped in the tube. I wanted to really cleanses my butt and anus so there won't be any messes. I washed everything but gave my ass extra attention. I douched and was now on my way to pure blissfulness. I walked drip drying to my room. I had my light on and the air off. I wanted to burn calories on this hot session. I pulled out my bottle of lube and my unopened progasm ice. I had the sheets on stand by and the but was prepped and ready. I opened it up and it so pretty like a sculpture that was designed just for me.
    Usually when I ride I just lay on my back and feel the waves. Not tonight. I had my hours of crashing ocean waves on my ipod playing and I had a pillow. I laid down. Got the pillow and lifted up my but and slid in under there to lift me. I want to try this session with my legs in the air and bent so I thought that this would be easier to do it this way. I was right. As I'm lifted off the bed I lubed up my hole really good and as well my beautiful Progasm. Now its time for insertion. whew. Here it goes. There's no going back now.
    First let me just tell you that after trying to devirginize my hole I was really tight. Not riding for a while does that to the body. lol I slide the tip in and felt like i was being stretched. I just breathed and kept going. By motivating my self and keep happy thoughts it was becoming easier by the minute. The first hum was in whew. I took a break and just rested. Well My hole was hungry clearly. A big crash happened on my mpr and boom the other half just slipped ride in. My legs went up and Boom! Instant sensations that I wasn't ready for. I screamed so loud. But not a bad scream. It was a scream wrapped up in a moan that easily slipped out my mouth.
    Since I'm rewired the desire to touch my dick in a session is none existing. But as I pulled my legs back up towards my chest the progasm was going deeper in. Just be recanting this just sent a wave up my spine just now. Whew!! I was holding my legs and with out my doing my body just began to rock. I was moving in a motion as if some one was fucking my nice tight hole. I guess this is that auto-pilot feeling that everyone was talking about. Well it felt good and it was feeling so good it was making me rise and throb. It kept building and building and building until the breathes got shallower and the movement started to really pick up. Oh god I feel it. Shaking and convulsions began to take over my body. I'm shaking so much I can barely keep my legs up. But I'm determine to ride this wave out. My ipod began to get louder and I began to get louder with my moans of pure xstacy and then I began to shoot out my sweet juices of pre-cum all over my belly and chest. A little of it got on my lip and I just licked it up. MMMMMM I'm so hard at this point but this wave is not letting go of me anytime soon. I can fill it's bigness inside me filling me to compacity. I love it and its got me louder then I have ever had. My legs are shaking, my body is shaking and I begin to see myself float away. Rising to see a young man in pure bliss enjoying his beautiful toy and having the time of his life and I was.
    It finally descended and I came back down to my body and It took me a few minutes to regain my composure. I was tired and wet from all the pre cum and sweat. I lowered my legs down and my dick was still hard. I had 5 other sessions like that that night alone. I was so alive and not tired at all. It was now 2 am. I went without bathroom breaks and water breaks. I wanted to enjoy all of this. But I did finally pee. Walking with that thing in me was a challenge.
    So as I got back in bed I decided to take the pillow from up under me and just lye flat out. As I got comfortable the waves started to begin again. this time was cumming time. I lubed up my dick and began to jack. But I let go cause the shaking was so much. I mean my arms were flailing all over the place. I started to rub my big nipples and that auto fucking feeling was coming back. Like a strong man just walked right in my room and start to pound my hole. I was saying every nasty word I knew. I couldn't control myself. "Oh fuck me, harder, harder" Begging for the dick/progasm ice to do me even better then I was being done. I mean my hole was so open I was hearing a sloshy sound from the lube and wetness of my ass just combining to make a gorgouses sound I have ever heard. I ended up choking myself and slapping my own ass to show the person i can take pain and take it good. I begin to now jack my throbbing hard dick. It was shooing pre cum all day and night and now morning. I glanced at the clock and it was 5:30 am. I was jacking and moaning and slapping and BOOM! A week and a half wet orgasm escaped my penis all over the place. It hit my hair my cheeks, my stomach the wall and I'm pretty sure the ceiling too. I mean I was soaked. I could do nothing but just laugh at the good time I just had with myself. Well not with my self I do have to give my Progasm Ice a lot of the credit.
    I laid there a good 30 minutes just to recant what just happened and to catch my breathe. I had to rest for my next day. I got cleaned up and was soon as my head hit the pillow I was knocked out. I was so tired I slept nude with no cover up. Thank god the parents weren't there. Woke up the next day at 11 am and did the same thing all over again. Came 5 times thursday with my progasm. I love that thing. I mean it had me crying and moaning and just made me a already believer. I love my Helix Syn but he will be on vacation for a while. Me and Mr. Ice has a lot of catching up to do. As one of my brothers said. I'm not a Progasm Slut and I don't mind being used.

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