• Progasm Classic in Blue est arrivee!!! Sessions for March 31 & April 2

    Hi guys,
    The saga of my couple months' attempt to secure a Progasm Classic in Black ended last week when Pleasure Tease in New Jersey sent as a consolation a Progasm Classic in Blue. It arrived by USPS Priority Mail at my apartment building last Good Friday afternoon. Also last week I contacted Aneros.com Support about the availability of the Progasm Classic in Black. They wrote back to say that that model had been replaced or superseded by the newer Progasm Black Ice.
    The next day, Saturday, I observed my 64th birthday. I had some important errands to run. My mind was other places that day as I remembered vividly my boyhood growing up in Connecticut those many years ago and how our world has changed radically in the last several decades. Hence, I was not up for an Aneros session on my birthday.
    But Easter Sunday afternoon several hours after I arrived home from church, I took my new Progasm Classic in Blue out for a test drive. He performed admirably on his maiden voyage along with his new teammates. Progasm Black Ice also performed superbly in giving me an awesome autof**k. In the last month or so, I am focusing my attention on how my various Aneros models stroke and massage my prostate. Both Progasm Ice and his brother, Progasm Black Ice, give me such a smooth, sleek ride. But Progasm Classic with its heavy-duty Acetal/Polystyerene Plastic give me a rugged, masculine ride. Like I have said many times in the last couple months, Progasm Classic has shown me what Anerosing is all about as it autof**ks me BIG TIME!
    Earlier this morning, Tuesday, April 2, I had another great session with my buddies.
    Sequence of models used: Maximus — Progasm Black Ice — Progasm Classic in Blue — Helix Syn — Progasm Ice — Progasm Classic. Duration: ca. 2 hours.
    All I can say now is how I enjoy all my Aneros models and how they Aneros me separately and in concert with each other. The end result after most of my Aneros now is a well-worked prostate and anal musculature , my prostate at times deliciously sore. But still I am alert to the signs of pain and fatigue while I Aneros and thus bring such a session to a swift end. Better to be cautious, rather than suffer serious injury.
    There are several spinoffs I began noticing about a couple months ago after my sessions:
    1. My prostate is in a state of a low degree boil or even a revved up engine. Hence my prostate is the source of P-waves which permeate my perineum and throughout my groin. I need to take notice of this more.
    2. When my prostate is in such a revved up state, then Kegeling is so natural and laden with pleasure! I need to connect with my awakened and vibrant or vibrating prostate by doing a few Kegels throughout the hours and sessions outside of my sessions.
    3. Connect with my penis daily outside of my sessions as well through masturbation. My awakened or alive prostate, even my testicles, want to join in when I beat my meat. All this is absolutely exciting in that I have never felt such pleasure masturbating since the glory years of my adolescence just after discovering masturbation at age eleven.
    Take care!

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