• Product Review: Progasm Jr

    So as I promised so many people in chat, this is going to be a personal review of the Progasm Jr. I say personal, as I understand that everyone is unique, and each person reacts to particular models differently. As such, I'm starting with the disclaimer that these experiences may or may not apply to anyone else. This was purely my impressions, my feelings, and my sensations from using this devices.
    First, a material description of the Pro Jr. It is made of the same material as the Progasm Black Ice, so those familiar with the "soft" plastic should know it's a bit more comfortable than the classic plastic. The almost glass-like feel enhances the slickness when coated in lube, which promotes movement in the rectum. Overall, has a very polished look, while still being surprisingly soft.
    Next will be a discussion on design. While many are wondering about the differences between the Pro Jr and the regular sized Progasm models, I don't feel I can give a fair or accurate comparison since I don't have any other Pro models. Instead, I will compare to features of the Helix and MGX, as those are the models I have and am most familiar with.
    The usual difference between the Pro line and other models is the P and K tabs. Instead of the usual curly tail, we have the Kundalini tab, which "taps" the coccyx (tail-bone) during involuntary spasms. The nice thing about this is that it actually makes it comfortable to sit in a chair without any sort of required modifications. The P-tab also differs from the other models in that it's more rounded, with less sharp edges so it doesn't dig in to the p-spot like the standard or dime sized tabs. While the tabs are rounded, they do differ from the other Progasm models in that they are not spheres. However, since they are smoothly rounded, there is absolutely no discomfort from the p-tab during extended use.
    Next is the actual body and head of the Pro Jr. The head is much more bulbous and "direct" on the prostate, meaning you get a stronger, fuller massage. Also, since the head is more prominent, it creates a larger groove (between the body and head) for the prostate to sit in when relaxed, almost cradling the prostate. The body is thicker than the MGX/Helix, and it definitely makes its presence known when inserted, but not in a bad way. Whereas the MGX/Helix focus primarily on sphincter and prostate pleasure, the Pro Jr adds to the stimulation of the rectal walls, giving yet another dimension of pleasure while inserted.
    In terms of the pleasure, this was the first time I was able to get pleasurable sensations from prostate contact/pressure itself. By focusing on the feeling of different parts of the device, I was able to enhance pleasure in just about every area. Focused on the prostate, could feel it swell and the Pro Jr would rub it more, causing it to swell further. Focusing on the full feeling, muscles would spasm all around it and move it ever so slightly (causing intense p-waves). Focusing on the sphincters convulsing around the tool, actually fell into a series of anal Os (one lasting almost 2 minutes). Not entirely sure whether it's just due to the device being new or it's just so beautifully engineered (or both), but I loved riding it for the first time.
    In terms of session length, I wore it for 3 hours when I first got it, followed by a 3 hour rest, and then another pre-bedtime session (lasted 3 hours, then I fell asleep). While it CAN be worn to bed, I don't believe I will do that again, as it left my prostate a little sore from such prolonged direct contact. Definitely one I need to give myself plenty of time to use and take out before sleep. Can't wait until I can be fully awake and in a position to fully enjoy the sensations instead of being distracted with day-to-day business.

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      02/22/2013at2:16 am

      Thanks for your in-depth Progasm Jr review. The Progasm Jr sounds like a good alternative to the original Progasm models as it still has a bulbous head and full feeling. Cheers.

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