• Pro Job

    Today I had my first session with the wife and my new Progasm Ivory.She started with teasing and a blow job before I put the device in. Several minutes of playing and touching to get warmed up.
    I coated the Ivory with coconut oil and slowly slipped it in. I got that familiar full feeling as the Progasm slipped into place.
    I start contracting on the device, short ones to begin with. I immediately start to notice those powerful little waves and spasms inside of me. She takes me in her mouth and sucks me in deeply. I try to press and contract harder on the device as she sucks me. I start to buck and the contractions begin. I love the feeling of the finish of the Ivory on my prostate. Very different from the Vice.
    She teases and sucks on my nipples which causes my cock to harden like a bat. This is something that never did anything for me before, but I now find it quite pleasurable and erotic. She coats my cock with coconut oil and jacks me off . She coaches and coaxes me as I am flopping on the bed.
    The animal noises and reactions take over as she drives me over the edge.This time the ejaculation is shooting and almost forced ! Powerful session today and I think the Progasm Ivory is going to be a great addition to our foreplay. It is a very different experience than the Vice.

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