• Pressing the Prostate

    This was the best session yet! Otherwise this blog wouldn't get a new entry.
    But rather it was a new experience that encourages me to record it.
    The experience in question was manually massaging the prostate, which depending on your school of thought could be considered cheating given that Aneros is intended to massage the gland compared to rubbing it like a dildo…
    …and that's just what I did. Last night I was going to just kip for the night, but my arousal flared up before hand. Temptation got the better of me, and I decided to just try massaging myself with a finger — simple and quick. Turns out rubbing the prostate gland was now much nicer than I previously recalled. This warmth and sweetness developed which each stroke of the fingertip, and as my breathing deepened the gland softened up. My dick grew solid with no input other than the finger.
    Eventually my body was bearing down, and my finger pressed hard as a result — a big orgasm, and along with it a milky substance oozed out. It was halfway between precum and…well, cum. Is that what this "prostate milking" leads to? In any case this feeling was different to what I was use to before with prostate orgasms. Not as strong, but deeper. (Eww….) My finger and wrist ached so it was on to the Euphro Syn.
    When it was inserted, the orgasms were quickly becoming intense. Abstaining must of helped here, but the fingering from before gave the prostate a head start. My abdomen was pulsing like crazy. Standing and walking gives me the best sensations with the Aneros, but also helps in another aspect: I tried grabbing the device and giving it a wiggle. During so my dick again grew erect out of my control and felt this deepening, pleasurable feeling swell. Moments later, I was tensing incredibly hard and had to hold my breath to stop moaning aloud. This happened a few times, and had to stop because holding my breath + plus tensing was giving me momentary headaches. Besides that, my sides were aching from all the tensing as well. But the orgasms and excitement was the highest ever, and I was oozing nonstop.

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      10/16/2016at6:55 pm

      I recognise this. After 4 years of helux syn i started using my finger. And i agree the feeling is now very different than before aneros. To feel the softness inside, the liveliness inside is amazing and gives me p orgasms too.

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