• Presidents Day Morning, Savoring Aneros Electric Eroticism!

    Hi guys,
    This morning my session is going to be fairly long with intermissions giving by a blow-by-blow description of this session. I have found that having intermissions in a session is so good for savoring the electric eroticism that comes from an Aneros autof**k!
    This is so true with Eupho Syn, the model which opened my session this morning. Eupho Syn is a long slender model that delivers such a sweet, subtle ride to my anal musculature and prostate. Right now I am savoring the sweet Aless autof**k as though Eupho Syn were in me right now f**king me crazy!
    Next in my Aneros lineup this morning is Maximus. Ever since, I discovered the lying on my right side in the fetal position [my preferred sleeping pose], I have rediscovered Maximus like never before! For nearly seventeen months, since I began working with Maximus, he has delivered a rugged Aneros/anal massage, at times bordering on the painful. But now I have fallen in love again with Maximus because he delivers now such a sweet, yet robust autof**k which is still rather manly, but actually sublime. Maximus has a rather unique design. His stem is rather narrow, but expands to a rather thick mid-shaft which again narrows slightly before arriving at a rather bulbous head. Also on the underside of Maximus at mid length is a ridge which delivers a good Anerosing. As I write this during this brief Aless intermission, I feel so Anerosy thinking about Maximus. I wish I could marry him right now!
    I have taken the term, Aless from @HopefullMMOer who is a ready Aneros student and frequent correspondent of mine! Aless actually means Anerosless :-] Also I have noticed that when I have a good Aneros session and am experiencing electric Aneros eroticism that my lower belly and pelvic area has begun to quiver. That in itself is so hot! :-] A few minutes ago I had good quality time with Helix Syn. However, I have returned to my PC, and at this writing with Tempo inserted is autof**king away so sweetly and persistently.
    As regards Helix Syn, this good buddy introduced me to Anerosing in early June 2012 in his kind, gentle way. For guys not experienced at all with anal play, here is an Aneros model for you! Since then, Helix Syn has been featured in most of my sessions. However after some initial good times with Helix Syn in the early months of my Aneros journey, he continued to work well with me, but not in ways that were exciting. It was only when both Peridise and especially Tempo entered my life a few months ago that I am rediscovering Helix Syn in more subtle, yet erotic ways that are propelling me forward towards Aneros realization!
    He performed again very well this morning. Helix Syn has is a full body model with a soft silicone overlay also with a narrow stym. He has a large head with a ridge on the underside which facilitates sweet stimulation of the prostate. This sweet stimulation works hand-in-hand with the persistent Aneros autof**k which is so subtle and so sweet. What can I say, when this f**k is ongoing with Helix Syn as though hidden in the background! I have fallen with love with this model too!
    Also, I forgot to mention that Helix Syn works very well in the doggie position. I kneel almost prone with my head buried in my pillows. I try to develop a subtle rhythm with my Helix Syn inserted. Yeah, the rhythm gets going for sure every time and sweet, erotic sensations always arise!
    Yeah, right now I am riding Tempo inserted while seated at my PC composing this blog entry. With Tempo, the Aneros autof**k rhythm is persistent with all sorts of strokes, at times like a sexy drumbeat!
    But now I pause in my writing to sit back to enjoy Tempo with undivided devotion!
    I believe just now I spent another twenty minutes or so with Tempo, first in the fetal position on my right side, then on my back with my legs both splayed or together up to my chest, and finally in the doggie position. In all these positions, Tempo's relentless autof**k action was like the Energizer Bunny. He just doesn't quit. Now when he's inserted while I'm in doggie position, I just do literally nothing. He f**ks me all the same with all sorts of strokes and rhythm. He's one hot fucker. That's all I can say!
    I finished this morning session with Progasm ICE. I am beginning to fall in love also with this sweet big bruiser. He works so well in new and amazing ways in all the poses I used this morning. So perhaps for now on, I should alternate sessions with his big brother, Progasm Classic and Progasm ICE and just savor the difference. I could have spent "hours" with Progasm ICE, but alas, I had to part with him. When I did that this morning, I was left with vibrant and delicious sexual energy!
    A couple observations:
    1. This morning after I withdrew each Aneros model from my anus, I noticed that each model had clear, anal gland secretions on it. This is an indication that very soon I may achieve my very first Super-O.
    2. Saying sweet nothings, like "oh, yeah f**k yeah!" or Do you know you are hot, [Aneros model name] fuels my Aneros sessions and make me every so more Anerosy!
    Right now I close by saying that I am experiencing an amazing Aless session with an ongoing autof**k!
    Take care.

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