• Powerful session

    * MGX provided new sensations
    * P-Tab was still too tough
    * Mass itching nearly broke the night
    * Progasm settled in nicely
    * Feeling of 'fullness' developed and bolstered arousal
    * Tug-of-War gave Progasm large strokes
    * Plus, rocking back and fourth with strokes gave large orgasms
    The itching and pains around my lower regions have settled down quite a bit now – great! And the irritations in my anus have almost disappeared – save for the occasional itch here and there. The cream I use must have helped more than I realise.
    Been wanting to use the Aneros again these past few weeks – the culprit working against the intention was a sore sphincter. Thankfully that's passed and now only itches once in a while during the day. Yesterday I planned to give the device a round in the evening – it was worth it in the end.
    Starting off I decided to roll with the MGX, partly in that I felt the prostate was being overshot by the length of the other models. That, and a change in models would help shift things around. Slipping the MGX in was discomforting at first but it calmed down after a few minutes. Pleasures and whatnot were standard and good, but trying to develop arousal would cause my anus and balls to itch like [i]crazy[/i] – the aches of the p-tab shoving against a swelling prostate didn't help. By about 1:40am I threw in the towel and took out the MGX.
    That's where I typically call it a night, yet in a new twist, my mind felt confident that something better could still come of the evening. Bringing out the Progasm, I nervously inserted it. Starting back in October, my previous attempts to use the model ended in an agonising sphincter. I was prepared for the same outcome despite my belief that things improved.
    Though there were initial bursts of soreness, it eased down enough after around 15 minutes, and the discomfort was virtually gone after fifteen more. Quickly the arousal built from how large the Progasm was; said arousal felt large and foreboding )-in a good way!(, a sensations unique to that particular Aneros. While not a whole lot developed for the next 30 minutes, it wasn't until I tried the Tug-of-War that things clicked into perspective.
    Kneeling on the floor, upper body on the bed, I let the PC and sphincter interchange between one another and kept my mind on this. Arousal began firing up. Soon after, I almost involuntarily started rocking my body back and fourth, and could feel the Progasm make surprisingly huge strokes. My breathing began faster and deeper, and my abdomen would tense and crunch like crazy. Before long I was being struck by one large orgasm after another, with my dick doing dry ejaculations again and again. This mass tingling in my stomach, followed by a wash of adrenaline. Felt really good!
    Unfortunately, as is the case with the Progasm, flatulence built up and I had to quickly end the session from discomfort. Ran to the bathroom to eject the device, and my roommates would have to deal with non-stop farting for a few minutes. It's a bummer, as things were going so well. Guess next time I just have to make sure flatulence is dealt with beforehand. Then again, it's a running issue since the gas always builds up in me regardless of time passed since eating. Usually I can fart it out with the Aneros in still, but not the Progasm.
    Still, I've had a great tickling, almost nauseous feeling in my abdomen this morning and even now – a sign that there was a great session. Still get Mini-O's of sorts even as I write this. Probably won't get the same luck next time but still, was great while it lasted.

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