• Powerful, continuous powerful Aless

    Hi guys,
    Aless as a continuous, powerful experience really came into its own when I began using Tempo in my sessions in late November 2013. When I began using Tempo then, I took to it like a duck to water. It seemed that my Aneros sessions took a quantum leap.
    It was then that just about every session became full of pleasure and fun! And as a spin off to all this was powerful, continuous Aless outside of my sessions. When I didn't feel Aless in an overt fashion, it was always there in the background.
    I believe this buzz of sexual energy localized in the prostate are called P-waves. I began to experience P-waves three weeks after beginning my Aneros sessions in early June 2012 with my use of Helix Syn. In early July 2013, I began to experience chairgasms, then later on walkinggasms and bedgasms. Also as I added larger models such as Maximus and Progasm, this buzz began to intensify.
    But it was Tempo that enabled me to enjoy all my other Aneros models, and certainly Maximus and Progasm which I both love and adore!
    I found that Aless flows into my Aneros sessions and vice versa. Aless is so powerful and so sweet. I discovered in early 2014 to use subtle breathing which works so well with Aneros autof**k action of my models. And soon after, I found that I can meditate upon my Aless. Breathing works so with Aless. I can manipulate the intensity of Aless through breathing and anal contractions or subtle Kegels. It gives rise to subtle sexual sweetness.
    Also today I find that this Aless is not only localized in my prostate, but also in my perineum and scrotum. Today I have felt such sweet Aless that I am on the verge of cumming. A steady stream of precum also has been oozing. I think I am on to something wonderful!
    Take care!

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