• Possible Discoveries or Stupid Theories

    This would be 2 sessions after my first post. So in my first post I wrote about my Monday session, and the new sessions would be Wednesday, and today, Saturday. I’m gonna call them M, W and S sessions.
    The W session was pretty mediocre. I realized the reason the M session was so good was because I had came back from a trip, and was so aroused. I tried to do pretty much the same thing, but the one thing I stumbled upon is that I haven’t really learned to build up the rectal contraptions (where you push out). I can build anal contraptions (where you push in) in a good way where I still feel pleasure when I go full power, but for rectal contraptions I kind of just introduce them on the fly.
    For today, the S session, I was able to build the rectal contraptions a bit better. When I felt like I had built them pretty strongly I would go full power pushing in, then I would start pushing out as much as I can. When I do this, my breathing just gets screwed up. I know long breaths isn’t something you gotta keep doing for the whole session (as the WIKI also mentions hyperventilating, kinda), so I was like “fuck it, let’s just enjoy this”.
    I got to the point where it was really wobbling in my ass and my “heartbeat” would be pretty strong, and I can feel the involuntary spasms going ham. By the way, this was a really long session, I kind of started to listen to ASMR in the middle of it because I wanted to get more aroused.
    As I was about to wind down and call it quits, I was just relaxing and taking some deep breaths. What I decided to try then is the opposite of what I would usually do: push in just a little bit as I breathe, but push out all I can. As I did this, the sensation got a bit stronger. It got to the point where I usually have to really push myself and put a lot of effort into to feel the amount of sensation that I got. The “heartbeat” got faster and more noticeable.
    This made me start thinking. I know this kind of thinking could hinder my progress, but I wonder if the Helix is ideal for me. Since I seem to be feeling more when I push out, it seems to me like it is too long, and goes past my prostate? I am pretty short after all.
    I had heard that the SGX was really popular in Japan, and I know the SGX is shorter than the Helix, and in Japan people are short… and I am also short. Is there a connection here?
    Now this is just a theory, but I had been thinking about getting another model anyway, whenever my economy is looking better.
    Oh, and I am still looking for my sweet spot. I tried looking for it rigorously, I would work up a hard-on and then search for it. I thought I found it, but it might be too close to my ballsack. The Perineum tab isn’t even close to touching the area that I thought it was, so that’s why I don’t think I found it yet.
    I’ll keep on doing the thing. It boggles my mind how exhausting it is. Hyperventilating, heavy breathing, clenching the muscles as hard as you can, etc.

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