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    Lube: Natural Jelly
    I got a few new models at the weekend. I tried them out in turn, not expecting anything. It can take time for the body to adjust to a new model of Aneros – for example, it took over a month for me to get the hang of the Progasm.
    The last of the new models I tried was the Eupho. I tried it last night with its tail on, which meant that I couldn't lie on my back with it in. Nice vibes, but it didn't get anywhere, so I rolled over fully and went to sleep (with it in). There was still nothing happening come the morning.
    So, this evening I performed surgery on its tail the same way I had on my Helix and Maximus, reducing its length to 1¼ inches.
    Then for the session. It was pure "do nothing" technique, just lying on my back and doing nothing except breathing normally (which for me is diaphragmatic: into the belly). The session built into the now-usual "calm seas" and I was enjoying the peaceful feeling. About 40 minutes in, I thought "maybe I should prepare my dinner" but decided on a couple of minutes more.
    Out of nowhere, there was a feeling like something exploding inside me, followed by a warmth and then a mental image that I can only describe like Hitchcock's Vertigo zoom and a falling/melting sensation. The next thing I noticed was I was no longer aware of my legs. And gradually a feeling like I was made of styrofoam came over me: stiff, yet soft. This was accompanied by a very gentle tingling sensation all over.
    After a little over 15 minutes of this feeling of extreme relaxation, slight muscle tension and tingling, I decided I really needed to eat before I went out this evening, and regretfully got up.
    I'm in no doubt this time: this was indeed the endorphin cascade we call Super-O.

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      05/29/2012at1:20 pm

      WOW!! Congratulations! Hallelujah!!! This is like an early transformative (mild out-of-body) step into the universe and All! Calm Seas (floating peace) Os area great launching state to go much higher and farther….!!!!!

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