• Polishing The Knob

    Last night in Chat here, a Guest asked about what could be done in his present practice with his MGX, which he has been using for about six months.
    Instantly I was transported back to my six months time with my MGX!! I was using the "do nothing" method primarily, butt with some side explorations and testing other techniques then too. The following is the exchange Guest and I had in Chat last night:
    artform: At about six months with my MGX, first and only model for first 6 months, I started experimenting with seeing if I could train my rectal muscle walls around the prostate area to contract there and snug the tip of the MGX into the prostate, which actually felt like it was "reaching out" for the tip of the MGX.
    artform: It worked and I still get great p-waves and dry-Os doing the same contractions there, EVEN WITH NOTHING INSERTED!!!
    artform:I call that manoeuvre "Polishing the Knob", the tip of the MGX. MGX seems the best of the introductory ones for this technique, since it head tapers to the narrower cone.
    Guest: awesome! my experience is going the same way
    Guest: wow I'm really liking that actually
    Guest:never tried that before
    artform: Very busy and productive day in many ways and fading now as midnight…
    :artform: Great Guest!!! Carry On!! 😀 😀
    Without even thinking about it, this is a technique my body/mind just does when it feels it's appropriate!! I have been enjoying a delightful session of p-waves and dry-Os in the Still Body mode, as they almost always are, while typing this entry, mmmmmo0OOO0ooommmmmmmmoo00OOOO0000ooommmmmm!!!
    So, all the best to every man who gives this a try, and may find an orgasmic gift that lasts a lifetime, as it is doing for me!!
    as we rewire
    we are all reconnected

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