• Pleasure & Pain

    Hi guys. SO I decided to sleep with my Progasm Ice last night. Even though I had some great orgasms im paying for it now. So I was in chat last night with my bro's and we were decussing building up pleasure and pressure in the body. I stated that I just let it happen and and orgasm when the body wants too. But my buddy here who has years of experience notified us that he lets the pleasure build and build and build to get a strong and satisfying orgasm.
    Even though Im coming up on a year of Aneros experience I still not as advanced as other gus here. So I wante to try that. So i cleaned out and got in bed and slide hm in. I havent rode in a day so i knew i was extra tight back there. But he still went in nicely with no trouble. So I began to deeply breathe in and exhale very slowly. After a few times of this i began to feel the pressure build up inside me.
    My legs became numb almost and my dick began to move on its own. It was feeling so good and I already had a semi erection. But I wanted to see how much i could take. So I continued to build and build. I had to grab ahold of my bed so I wouldn't shae to much and mess up my concentration. I felt like my body was about to shoot through the ceiling cause of all the bottled up pleasure that was going on inside of me.
    I began to feel pre um on my stomach so i knew my dick was ready but i really wanted to push my limits. (bad idea on my part) As soon as my last exhale it got really quiet then BOOM! My whole body just began to convulse in pure pleasure. I mean my legs, my dick, my arms. I thought my head was about to explode. I had the pleasure in my mouth i began to chatter my teeth. it felt so damn good. As I'm trying to catch my breathe im still trying to continue the breathing training. But its feeling way to good to do anything.
    That orgasm last for about 20 mintues straight, full body and MMO so many times. as I calmed down i still felt it moving inside me slowly auto fucking me. Mind you my dick is still hard and i can feel the turst getting harder and powerful. Like a strong constructer working plowing away at my hole after ahard days works. I tried to muffle my moans but this clear toy was bringing me so much pleasure. So much pleasure that i ended up slamming my foot heel on the floor hard. I continued to orgasm til i grabbed my throbbing dick and jerk out my delicous white cream. After I came i was fine. I kept the progasm in me still the rest of the night with little invouluntaries and mini o's. I woke up to a wet bed I had another wet dream which made me happy. But i also woke up to a sore foot. I guess i hit my heel a little harder then i thought. I had to take off of work cause of it. But it was so worht it cuase it was one of the best riding nights I ever had.

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