• Pleasure generating pleasure

    Recently, the Aneros stroking my prostate has been so pleasurable in itself that I haven’t found the need for audio files like I always do in my previous sessions. The pleasure causes the PC muscles to contract and moves the Aneros to stroke the prostate and the cycle keeps on going.

    The pleasure from the Aneros combined with erotic fantasies and circling around my nipples has been enough to tip me over to orgasm. This lets my body determine when it wants the orgasm instead of letting the audio dictate when I should receive pleasure.

    I also noticed that my porn consumption has decreased because I realise that if I ejaculate, the session comes to an end. I would rather enjoy a longer and relaxing Anerosession than a rapid masturbation session and worry about ending it too quickly by ejaculating.


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      01/14/2019at5:27 pm

      Very cool. Personally, the massager causes me to be so into my own body, that I need little else.

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      01/31/2019at1:44 pm

      Thanks for sharing! Yes the pleasure alone feeds on itself and increases in intensity – throw in some nipple play and it’s over the top! Can experience multiple Os as the pleasure keeps on going!

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