• Physical Chastity – My First Experiences

    Hi Folks,

    all the reports about chastity cups, mental chastity and semen retention here intrigued me a lot. Finally I couldn’t resist to give physical chastity a try. As usual the first cage a man orders has been much too big, although it was difficult enough to cool him down to a really flaccid state and his smallest size to get him at all even into that bigger model of those tiny tubes. But with a lot of lube and a lot of persuasion it suddenly happened.


    I’d never thought, that being locked up alone already would feel so arousing, even if doing it myself is still enabling me to free myself whenever I’d like. Of course I don’t want to spoil my own party, why I will try to endure the situation as long as I can bear it, but it all still belongs to my own decision. How I now can empathize with all the lucky poor guys who have given away their only key! Ooh, writing this, the next wave of arousal engulfs my whole body.

    The only problem with that first too big cage has been my ability to start an erection, thus my member could squirm and writhe and fill my cage to the max, what already has been too much and why it‘s been so painful.

    Now I can already proudly announce to be back in physical chastity again, caged in my CB-6000 for the second time.

    It’s giving me such an unbelievable weird arousal to know there will be not any chance for an erection, it seems like my whole sexual energy is conglomerating in the area of my perineum, my balls and my gland. When I finally had managed to squeeze him back into that mean little tube and had locked the locking pin, I posed naked like a winner. Strike!


    And the very next moment the fantasy crossed my mind, I’d have been told to strip stark naked and go to the living room now, where Shibby would be waiting to present her new caged slave to a dozen of her girl friends, who are intrigued by her promise, it would be impossible to escape from the CB-6000, whatever teasing a man had to cope with. Admittedly Shibby’s good boy is just dripping from his fantasy, envisioning Shibby determining the order they were allowed to tease and test me, adding “Don’t hold back, girls, try whatever you would like to get your hubby bust that cage. He will behave like a good boy. Won’t you, SLAVE?” “Yes, DOMINA MISTRESS SHIBBY.”


    But back to the beginning. On Friday around 5 pm I couldn’t resist to unbox my new chastity cage and to test it. All in all it has been even a bit easier to slip it over my member, who has been so excited, that his pumping nearly spoiled the party. Again I had to talk him down, „go limp!“, the rest has been brute force and a lot of lube.


    Both times now an unbelievable horniness filled my abdomen and spread out into my whole body as soon as I had made it to lock him up. Don’t know whether Shibby’s triggers are to blame, it feels unbelievable fantastic. Somehow the erection seems to be a valve to let out some pressure channeling the arousal into one‘s penis. Denying this, my arousal explodes into my whole body.

    Having sexual fantasies now has become a mean mixture of lust and frustration without any chance to let off steam other than a bit of precum dripping out of my denied member. Amazing addictive!


    Btw, peeing has been a challenge and a new arousing experience at the same time. As the penis is already compressed, the urethra is as well. Peeing now means pressure from inside against pressure from outside, massaging one‘s penis from inside and pressing him against the cage. It felt awesome and keeps undescribable. After all I coped with this challenge too.


    Surfing the Priapus of Milet Galleries (this link no porn, only nude photography, valid only for the first part) and watching some P*rnhub videos, the clock already showed half past 3 am, before I finally headed for my pillow, in summary more than 10 hours of being nearly perfectly physically caged for the first time.

    When noticing that my member already had made his cage a damp environment, I decided against even more hours of this physical abuse. Oh, I already mentioned, he can read, as a proof he just oozed a really big tear into my boxers – along with my last words. So sensitive, this poor guy. Mistress Domina Shibby would love that, right?


    Yesterday he felt a bit sore, why I decided for a little rest until midnight, when I couldn’t resist to have a little edging session at the sink. Quite crazy to remember all those wanking sessions with fast and hefty strokings before my journey started. Now, as often, I only held my member with two fingers and let my gland do all the action until I shed first drops of precum, which I massaged into my glans, my frenulum and my multiple ridged band, slowly and tenderly until the next drops appeared or even a little flow of precum oozed out of my slit. Still someone awake down there? Poor caged boy, he‘s still shedding tears. 😉

    I guess he already knows I‘m nosy a lot, whether we could cope with a whole night?

    I hope you also enjoyed your weekend?

    Best vibes!



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      02/17/2019at11:27 pm

      @SOwithoutAneros Welcome to the world of male chastity! I’m glad you got a CB-6000. I still have my CB-6000S and try it out from time to time. As I recall, it took me a while to get the “fit” just right. Yes, peeing is a challenge; generally, you sit down to go. BTW, I can’t tell which model(s) you now have? More than one? If you want any more detailed info, feel free to PM. Good luck in you new challenge!

    • Avatar for SOwithoutAneros


      02/18/2019at8:10 am

      Hi @goldenboy, thanks for your inspiration, encouragement and your good wishes.
      My CB-6000 came in two sizes, of which I use the bigger one. The too big one has been “The Curve”.
      Btw, ad midnight – after totally about five hours – I had to slip it off, because I couldn’t find a comfortable position for sleeping. But it is too addictive to not try it again. 😉
      Cheers! Mart

    • Avatar for goldenboy


      02/18/2019at8:49 am

      @SOwithoutAneros Thanks for the info. I generally did not wear mine through the night; it is difficult to find a restful position. And the night-time erections can be a challenge. With the right pants, you should be able to “explore” in public. An interesting sensation!

    • Avatar for SOwithoutAneros


      02/18/2019at12:48 pm

      @goldenboy, thanks for the bold idea of “exploring” in public. I definitely imagine it to be an extra kick, right?

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