• Perpetual Lube Machine

    Still like a good old-fashioned jerk every once in awhile when not riding Aneros or having sex with my wife. For these sessions, I've found I no longer need any lube as I can turn my dick into a perpetual lube machine!
    First I make sure I'm well hydrated and have a glass of water available during session. I'll cue of some nice porn and get arousal going. Some light stroking follows to get the blood going and hardening.
    I then start focusing on feeling from deep inside my ass and use my vivid imagination to recall the powerful sensations of Aneros pleasure. Soon, I could swear either my Helix or Pro is inside doing it's dance on my prostate, but it's just mind over matter.
    In no time, my cock starts leaking copious amounts of precum. I spread it ever so slowly all over my tingling cockhead, then tickle my banjo string. This of course gets more flowing. Easily enough to give my cock a nice glistening coat of 100% organic lube. Maybe even a little taste….
    Full blown stroking ensues. If friction starts to build, I just slow and focus on my ass again. The pumps kick in again and soon sloppy stroking sounds fill the air. As long as I stay hydrated, can keep this going for hours with no friction burns and a nice sweet scent in the air.
    Additionally, my jerking session is made even better as I bring my love of anal pleasure in. Asshole spasms and prostate rejoices. It all leads to great re-wired traditional climax I discussed in a previous entry. Anero's fringe benefits continue to amaze and pleasure me!
    Happy riding!

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