• Peridise's turn

    I awoke early this morning wondering how Peridise would change my world. Although, he didn't move things like my other Aneros on this first run, I'm impressed. The compact size allows you to walk around easily and no one is the wiser he is there tickling your insides. Sitting in a chair is not bad, much less noticeable than my MGX or Progasm.
    I spent my time with him contracting my sphincter and moving about as I walked today. Peridise flowed as a dancer with silken shoes on a midnight filled with shimmering lights over a hidden lake. He didn't go beyond gentle touching of my sweet spot but, I'm sure the more I walk and experience this version he will prove I have one more method of ecstasy in my arsenal. About noon, I decided to let my experiment end, even though he was kind to me today.
    So, these little gems have worked their way into my heart so to speak and I will continue to practice with them.

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