• Peridise

    Wow, I can now say I love the peridise. I have been using the peridise for normally 2 hour sessions lately, until last night. I decided I wanted to try overnight and see what happens. While my intentions were to have it in for sex with the wife, which didn't happen, I ended up with great surprise from the peridise instead.
    About 10pm I took a nice hot shower. Before I got in I made sure to clean out the back door. After I got out of the shower I inserted 5mg of aneros sessions lube in rectum. Then put a coating on the peridise it self and inserted it.
    By 11pm I had good feelings and it was time for bed.
    So I crawled into bed and laid there snuggled up next to wife. After trying to encourage sex for a little while it was obvious the wife was not having it so I just laid there next to her.
    I needed up falling asleep shortly after. Right before falling asleep I did some basic contractions. I'm getting to the point where my muscles will pull the toy all the way in. Which I have to say as the last knob is pulling into me is an amazing feeling.
    So I go to sleep and I start having great dreams. I don't remember exactly what they were but they were great from what I can tell. So I wake up at 1:30am with an amazing erection. I'm feeling good all over and extremely horny. So of course I try to coax sex again from wife, which was not haveing it still. So I go back to sleep.
    I wake up again at 3:30. Again rock hard erection and horny as can be. Tried for sex again which didn't happen. But I had this amazing feeling all ov my body. I felt as if I had many O's which I probably did but being asleep I didn't know it.
    At this point my muscles all over my body were tense and yet relaxed. My butt, anal canal, rectum everywhere in my arse, was wore out. I would imagine this is what it would feel like for someone to take it in the back door hard for a few hours. By this didn't bother me. It was a. Great feeling.
    At the 3:30 wake up I did decide to take the peridise out. I had the feeling it was getting dry. Which on removal I was correct. I thought about lubing back up and putting it back in, but decided it would be good to take a break.
    I'm defiantly going to try some different lube and now have to get the full setof peridise along with the tempo.
    I think I will try the Shea butter method and see how it does for the next overnighter.
    Coming up this week I will be travleing so I will have at least 2 overnight dates. I'm thinking one with peridise and one with my classic. Let's see what happens.
    As much as I would like to have a session when I get home I feel that my arse and body need a break tonight. Can't wait til later on in the week for round #2 of overnight sessions.

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