• Peridise has helped the rewiring process for me!

    I've had some more time to use my Peridise set and I'm so glad I bought them! Every session brings new feelings, I never know what's going to happen.
    As well as this I feel that the Peridise has brought me further along in the rewiring process, which is fantastic.
    The other night I had a little session with my Helix because I haven't used it since my purchase of the Peridise set and I wanted a little more contact with my prostate, and I was curious to see if using the Peridise set has had any effect with prostate massage from one of my other models… I think it's safe to say it has!
    After inserting, things started to feel good very quickly and about 20 minutes into the session I had pleasurable feelings radiating from around the prostate area to my thighs and up to the middle of my abdomen. I had a couple of these 'waves' that lasted a few seconds each. There was probably a ten second break or so in between them. This happened four or five times before there was no break in between at all. The pleasure radiated from my prostate, to my belly, started to subside a bit, and then a new wave would come. One after the other for about thirty seconds.
    After these waves had finish I experienced what many have called a 'state of well being' my body felt great, I felt so warm and cosy, even though I was naked in a fairly cold room!
    It's really good to feel as though the Aneros models are working, and to feel myself progressing after so long of nothing much really happening at all.
    Happy Aneros user!

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      01/29/2013at8:39 am

      Thanks for sharing. Peridise is going to be my next purchase, problem is they keep releasing new stuff all the time. It will never end. My bed side draw will get replaced with a huge tool cheat at this rate!

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