• Peaking…?

    * Same feelings as outside of session
    * Aneros amplified it
    * Solid erections and need to breathe more
    * 'Ring of fire' indeed
    Last night was one of the few instances where the Aneros worked in tandem with the growing sensations. Typically what I experience with the Aneros — and the sensations I discover without it, work in different ways; when I think I'm starting to 'get it', Aneros sessions turn out to be a dud.
    But my recent session just seemed to work with the pleasures that I've built as of recent, and it felt great. It wasn't anything new or dramatic, but still. My abdomen toughens up, and my penis cycles on and off with rock-solid boners. There's a constant urge to moan, too. Most of the session worked it itself from doing nothing, though I have tried incorporating contractions into the mix. )Will do for next time, I think( Of the positions I've switched from, spreading the legs apart seemed to swing the arousal up, if briefly.
    Saying that, being back onto the Aneros is nice – my anus has had some pretty irritating cases of thrush or whatever, over the past months. It's settled down almost completely after visiting the GP. The spincter is still inflamed, though, making insertion of the Aneros initially a painful process. Taking it out, and excreting for that manner, is also pretty nasty.
    Today outside of the session, things felt similar to my previous blog post on awakening the prostate, albeit I don't have the fluttering, tickling feeling in the gland itself. Still, arousal does swell up simply from breathing which is very similar to before. Maybe I won't be far off a Super-O?

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