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    Things just went side ways.

    Friday 1/18 I some how buggered my neck at work, cant tilt to the left at all. Tried heat, cold, even tried a muscle relaxer from back when I pulled my back. nothing worked. I couldn’t get out of bed Saturday, ended up rolling off the bead as any movement made my head scream in pain. I went to the walk in clinic, they gave me a few shots & some pills to help.

    Saturday 1/19 night tried the Jr just for s&g. I got nothing, almost couldn’t tell I was joined w/ him.

    Sunday 1/20 I went ahead and did a full double release to restart my cycle,

    Monday 1/21 tried some edging, it was like my cock was numb. I could feel myself stroking but got no sensations and only got half hard. Once I did get something it was to late and I just blew if you will, was an ultra lame orgasm/ejaculation. It was a waste of time. May as well give up till I stop the pills. You would think taking a muscle relaxer would work the same way as weed but seems not so much.

    Tuesday 1/22 decided not to take my pills as I wanted to see how things go and I was feeling like a session. joined w/ helix for a bit. got some good feelings. decided to go old school w/ some tapping and finger dragging. started getting a good orgasm going but stayed deep. going to try jr tonight.
    Got some light feelings and good tingling, ended up drifting to sleep but was woken around 2:30 to my cock growing and medium strength tingling in my balls. I kept flicking my pc muscles to try to get the tingle to spread out as this has worked before but each time I tried my pc just clamped hard before releasing. this went on for, best guess 30 min. flipped over to my right side for more of the same. just couldn’t get this constant medium level (for me medium) to expand past my waist or intensify, flipped to my back and it just kept going. Around 3:30 I got up to dismount. I was happy that it went on for an hour, longest amount of time to date that sensations flowed continuously and would have gone more I suspect but also kind of disappointed as I wanted more intensity, like before. Got back into bed and the tingle persisted for at least another 30 min based on the clock saying 4:??. finally went to sleep.

    Wednesday found most of the day experiencing the same tingle in my balls and prostate. Felt wonderful but I had to try to ignore it to pay attention to work.
    Joined up w/ jr and with in a few minutes of laying down the tingle started in earnest, getting more intense than the night before but I screwed it up. Got impatient and scared it off trying to ‘help it along’. Oh well.

    Thursday 1/24. joined up w/ jr for a few hours instead of doing it when I should be sleeping. Some nice tingling around my opening. still feeling the tingling lightly, deep with in, after dismount 30 minutes ago.
    Friday 1/25. Starting to get back into doing my kegels. While out on a road test of a truck I repaired I did 3 sets of 100 quick contractions and between each I did a squeeze & hold for a 1000/1 30 count. After that I spent the day looking forward to an over night session. around 11:00 joined up w/ jr before bed. get in bed and comfy, started getting tingling w/in minutes, covered my head w/ the covers to block out the light of the clock and just let things go where they may. Felt really good, got a slow very stiff cock, my balls & waist felt numb from tingling sensations. It happened again where every time I tried to flick my pc it just clamped hard for a second or 2 causing my cock to lift up and get more full each time while also drawing jr in deep. Drifted to sleep at some point but was woken up at 2:30 again (not complaining, as I wanted this to happen since I didn’t have to get up for work) to my cock getting hard and pc muscle clamping hard. I could feel my anus tingling constantly over the tingling of my prostate and belly along with the muscles rippling over jr making it almost feel like it was moving in/out and trying to make it rotate w/in me. I reveled in the sensations staying relaxed letting things go where they may. I don’t remember when things concluded, I just remember waking at 8 something Saturday still tingling.

    Saturday 1/26. joined up w/ jr. God I love this guy. joined up around 10:30. Moments after he got settled in place I could feel the base of my cock vibrating like a magic wand was placed on my perineum. Once in bed I started to drift in & out of a non stop session with orgasms of different intensity’s. Some ultra light, just enough to say hello and others strong enough to cause my head to swim around, calm sea orgasm perhaps. I also started to get some intermittent trembling in my legs along with different spots of intense points of sensations, like an itch but I didn’t want to move to scratch it, they would dissipate into a radius of tingling. I have also started to be able to get p-waves going by panting or rapidly causing my stomach to fill/fall. I glanced at the clock when I rolled to my right side, Holy fuck 1 hour later, I thought for sure it was almost 5. I felt orgasms roll for a bit more before drifting to sleep. I have no idea how many different orgasms occurred, I gave up trying to keep count a while back. I woke several hours later to more flowing orgasms, a rock hard cock & my ass fondling jr. It felt like my butt cheeks were rippling and jittering, also could feel a strange tingling feeling about midway in my anus, possibly the inner sphincter also getting in on the action plus my anus and teeth (teeth was something I’ve never felt sensations from before) were pulsing in time with my heart beat. I could only think to myself “Oh yes fuck me, I want to feel you thrusting so slow & deep in my ass, grab my hips, GOD YES FUCK MY ASS SO GOOD, TAKE ME”!!! My eyes rolled into my head. My imagination took over focusing on the feelings of being repeatedly & slowly thrust into savoring each sensation. I had no reason to not feel safe, I surrendered to the orgasm letting it do what it wanted to my body. I don’t remember much after that.
    Things settled after about an hour and I peacefully drifted back to sleep. I was woke again maybe 30 minutes later to another orgasm. This feels so fucking good, my head is swimming in tingling sensations, my cock is throbbing & my balls are vibrating. I Got up and grabbed my cock ring. I have been removing this when having a session as it pulls the attention away from my prostate but tonight it seemed to helped to increase the sensations. A light brush over the twins caused a doubling in the tingling. I must have become exhausted from the intensity at some point because the next thing I knew it was 8 something.
    Rolled out of bed around 9ish. Left jr right in place, he didn’t seem to mind as he was locked in place with no rush to leave me. Each step was causing jr’s head to swipe left/right over my prostate causing it to swell ( that feels wonderful and strange at the same time), my head started to swim, my cock started to grow & my balls started to tingle. I think I’ve finally found my heaven. I’m so greedy when in comes to orgasms I can’t get enough………..
    I’m sitting on the couch several hours after dismounting from jr, having done my normal day running writing up this entry in my word editor, My anus has been rippling all day like jr is still joined with me & my cock has also been buzzing away from the rubbing of the cock ring on my perenium causing random levels of erection from a mild chubby to full hard on.
    My journey is starting to come along nicely. I am becoming more aware of things my body is doing and how it is changing as time goes on. My blog posts are going to slow down some as I am getting a feel for my cycle after ejaculation, when a day is going to be good or a slow down since there is no duds. You learn something each time you join with a pleasure tool or ‘tantric training wheel’ as has been said before. Thanks all for the encouragement and discussions.

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