• Past Anal-Play History and Introduction

    hello there!
    I thought I'd also track my journey to the Super-O. Also, since this is an incredibly personal journey, there isn't anyone I can share with – except for you and this community. Thank you for being there for me and thank you to all the previous posters in the forums and blogs- I have learned huge amounts about my body, the potential experience and your intimate teachings.
    So… Every journey must have a beginning… And as I eagerly await my 3 new arrivals tomorrow, let me start from the beginning. …
    I'm a 47 yr heterosexual married father… But my wife is not GGG )never very sexual( and so I have always sought release through multiple other avenues. I travel a lot internationally and have safely played but never the intimacy i seek. I have always been "in touch" with my anus and found my internal prostate a few years ago. Not frequently but always enjoyed the addition of a finger while masturbating. I have also tried penile estim which was very interesting but the contraption and setup never made it easy or spontaneous. I also tried an Aneros long ago but didn't give it the proper time and understanding… So I binned it.
    After reading all of your journeys and the forums, I've come to the realization that I had a dreamy P-Wave/Mini-O or Super-O about a year ago… I really thought it was either imagined or a singular event. I was taking a very long and hot shower, enjoy some front/back self stimulation when I wanted to try a veggie. )I am not advocating this for you, but merely sharing(. I have done veggies before and other toys/vibrators but a moderate cucumber )I know! Don't be shocked!( sounded interested. Some prep/condom/lube and back to the shower. Lots of patience, breathing, and rectal/anal contractions )exactly as stated in the learning blogs herein(, helped me past the 1st/2nd sphincters. More time/breathing/rectal contractions later and deeper it went.
    Then… An electric wave of bliss and an uncontrolled moan swept over me with body shakes. I dont recall how long it lasted- not long though- and the comfort/pleasure is still fondly felt now.
    Your stories and sharing, and the memory, triggered my now-deep desire to retry the Aneros program.
    Follow along with me and lets help each other.
    Thanks for reading.

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