• P wave evenings

    After this session with Alana that ended in the best traditional O i'd had in a long, long time, I was keen to move on. I spent the next few days looking for alternatives to the hypnaerosession and found the I-Doser sexual simulations session. No spoken word here, just chilled out music…perfect I thought. Another new discovery that evening was instead of lying on my back which I found tended to tense up my stomach too much, I lay on my side as suggested in the forums. This I found later would be key for me. The session started. I had my progasm in and I was relaxed on my side listening to the session. That's when it started…the twitching I'd read about. I was breathing with it and there were twitches…just small but still this was a significant moment. It meant that things were beginning to happen. At one point this wave of pleasure just washed through me…wow. It felt like a wave too rolling up my body..i wanted it again and the odd twitch was there. The audio session was coming to the end and strangely my mind was taking it in and things were happening but I did think they were disconnected to the progasm. I was becomming pretty turned on and near the end of the session was experienceing I guess what i'd describe now as an edging feeling…that point a little before you cum but not a full orgasm. For me this was an amazing feeling. I hadn't touched my cock at all and it was still pretty limp but these almost orgasmic feelings were in my body. The session had ended but I just had to listen to it again. I detected twitches from the progasm but I don't think i was really focussing on them enough at that point. The 2nd run of the session ended and again although I was very highly aroused I hadn't experienced a whole series of p waves that I'd have been expecting. Still, it was progress compared to my previous sessions. I took the progasm out and slipped into a relaxing sleep. Then….something weird happened….i was awoken an hour later…wtf was that…..the progasm wasn't inserted but this intense p wave just went through me. I was taken aback but wow, just wow and then it happend again. I wasn't doing anything but another one hit again. What was happening to me..my body just seemed to take control and send these waves through me. I contracted just slightly and another wave hit…yes! I was getting there…another wave…i was lovign the feelings. I just couldn't stop the waves and the night was rapidly disappearing. Eventually I think I did fall asleep but a whole hour before my alarm went off to get up for work. I seemed to be exhausted the next day but I was in a blissfully relaxed mood all day and very chripy. Wow, I needed more, just wow.
    I know it's suggested that you have a break inbetween sessions but I couldn't wait to experience these what I now recognised as p-waves again. The next night I was back again with the progasm. I put the simulation session on again and my toy started twitching but i wasn't getting any waves. I could feel it moving ever so slightly but no waves. Hmmm, what was going on? I ended the session and took it out. I didn't masturbate normally for some reason. I was just lying there on my side after the session breathing slowly and relaxed. Hmm i thought, what happens if i make a contraction, so I did. The unexpected happened..contraction then a second or 2 after, p wave! Loving the feeling i went for another contraction and again it happened. I was hooked and yet another sleepless night occurred but I wasn't experiencing this body shattering, shaking super O I'd read about. However it seemed that without the progasm in i was able to experience these p waves. I think it was around this point that I starteed realising that I was using the wrong muscles. I staarted contracting different muscle sets and realised that i was probably just making anal contractions alone and not really involving the pc muscles. I started to concentrate on working this new muscle set. It took a bit but sure enough this is where the pwaves for me were working from without the aneros inserted. My current line of thought is that the progasm was actually just that little too big to get my pc muscles really working and that a smaller model would be more appropriate. I might still go back and buy a smaller model just to see if it provides a different experience, but for now I was just enjoying the p waves. Again sleepless nights occurred as my body took over and uncontrolled pwaves went through me….how could I stop them??? I neeeded to stop but at the same time i didn't want to.
    Still nothing what I would describe as a super O though.
    I was still trawling through the forums looking for that final piece of the jigsaw. Was there anything there that would take me over the edge. Focus and breathing was the next thing I started working on. I still wasn't getting any great pleasure from having the progasm inserted, so I'd start off using it and get it twitching and then later take it out and just concentrate on the pw aves without it inserted. I decided one eveing that I was going to take it really slow and let things build and focus on any minute sensations that occured. Any tingles I'd try to mentally focus on and enlarge through deep breathing. I was working and the p waves were setting in. It was around this point that I started feeling anal contractions too and also contractions in my stomach muscles. My body was beginning to tense up too. The first anal contraction was amazing..just surged up through my body. I guess this was an anal orgasm? I continued on breathing with my p waves and the feelings grew and grew.
    Then it hit…..bang across my whole body…..I hit this new plateau of pleasure I'd never felt before. It didn't subside like a p wave and went on for a few mins. My whole body was rigid and tense with this pleasure rolling around me, precum oozing out. No shaking though like i'd seen in some videos but then again i read that it's diferent in everyone… but yeah I think I just had a super O, my first one. I don't think it was major but it was definately different from a p wave. Pretty exhausted after this I tried to get to that point again but couldn't manage it. I settled down that night in knowledge that I'd come a pretty long way in quite a short time…weeks infact when i'd been expecting months or nothing at all.
    I tried again I think the next night but I had consumed a few glasses of wine too many and I have come to the realisation that this numbs the sensation. You do need to be mentally able to focus. The pwaves came but nothing else.
    I was still perplexed though as to why I was able to achieve this without the progasm inserted and nothing like it with it inserted. So back to find some more nuggets of information. The next key then came…muscle fatigue. I'd been working on the correct ones but I don't think for long enough to the point where they were fatigued with the size of the progasm. This is pretty much where I am at the moment. I'm beginning to work on this fatigue and jjust giving myself longer sessions with it inserted using longer milder contractions. And I do now believe I'm getting somewhere. It's still very much a work in progress and I'm looking forward to continuing the journey. I am now starting to get more regular p waves with it inserted and also contractions with it inserted. Again more progress. I'm still yet to experience anything close to a super O with it inserted but i'm getting there, I think haha…maybe I should try a smaller model but for now I think i'll continue to work on fatiguing.
    The journey continues…….

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