• Our second adventure

    Hello, everyone. This is where BeardedTiger and Cheetah will be recounting our recent sexual adventures. There is a brief but detailed background of our relationship found in the pegging thread. Our first "new" adventure is also found there.
    The next night, we couldn't wait to get at each other. As I walked in the door that evening, Cheetah met me at the door, looking beautiful and smiling seductively, and said, "Are you hungry?" I growled and nodded. She said, "I think I should put it the oven on low and we should go upstairs for a while." I growled harder. She grabbed a chair on our way up and said, "we're going to be needing this."
    When we got to the bedroom, she set the chair down facing our wall length mirror. As we tore our clothes off, she told me to lay face down on the bed. As soon as I was comfortable, she mounted me and, just as the previous night, began rubbing her entire body over mine. Before long, she had me moaning and squirming as she used her tongue on me. Then came the fingers. It was much easier to relax this time so the pleasure was immediate. We went through all of the same pegging positions that we had done the previous night. This lasted about two hours. I was laying on my back with my legs on her shoulders. She had been giving it to me good in this position for a while. She said, "I want to go sit in that chair and I want you to ride me like I ride you."
    As I said in the Pegging thread, this was the best position yet. We carried on with that one for quite a while on account of our enthusiasm for our newly uncovered favorite. Eventually, my urge to penetrate her and her urge to be penetrated couldn't be contained any longer. She picked up the Aneros and said, "I think you should put this in, let me suck you and then fuck me until I come". So that's exactly what I did. As soon as she came, I pulled out and ejaculated even more than I had the night before, which we were both pleasantly surprised about. As I was fucking her, the Aneros was working a magic of it's own on me. It was wonderful.
    After composing ourselves and many congratulations, she smiled and said, "Guess what?….Supper's ready."

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      04/07/2013at10:34 am

      Nice! I'm impressed at the length of time you two go at it with the pegging! And then a super-T to end it all. Fun! :(

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