• Orgasmic Triad

    The day after Thanksgiving, the tumult had died down and all was quiet. I slept deeply and quietly that night, slowly walking through hallways of erotic fantasies in my dreams. I walked naked and aroused down hazy corridors past lurid scenarios of naked men and women, all calling to me to join them in dances of lustful erotic gratification .
    Those fantasies inspired an unusually needy erection at 4 AM. As the ache of desire lapped at my rigid cock there was an equally erotic trilling deep inside my anus. The old familiar urgent and somewhat anxious desire for pleasure tingled deep inside me. It was the familiar desperate erotic itch that causes my cock and prostate to twitch and my brain to thirst for the sweet anguish of orgasm.
    It is a hard battle to resist the temptation to launch into mmo when my cock is singing as it was. Over the last several years it has become easier and easier to initiate A-less orgasms. A-less orgasms are slower to build and more resonant than penetration induced orgasms. An aneros inside my canal instigates hard assertive orgasms that literally tear into me, while A-less orgasms are slow agonizing lilting song of male orgasmic magic. There is also a difference between a great session, one punctuated by extreme sensations of orgasmic euphoria that sustains itself for an hour or more and a so – so session which yields pleasant sensation and a few mild contractions and fizzles out. Those pinnacle sessions are the ones I live for.
    If I deny myself the opportunity to do a session each day and instead do one every other day if I can, but many mornings that is almost impossible. If I can delay a session and skip a day the resulting desperation of the desire is greater and the pleasure induced in a session will be deeper and more profound.
    But there is more to achieving a toe curling session; it is a process that requires mental focus. Mind – body control and a calm mental state.
    Thanksgiving morning I managed to resist temptation. After the meal was done and everyone was reading or watching TV I sat at my computer and continued to work on the sequel to my erotic novel. I have finished book 1 of the series, it is ready for publishing. That is something I will deal with after Christmas.
    J and I had planned on making love that night. She wore her slinkiest night gown, one that clings to her lithe form and caresses her beautiful teardrop shaped breasts. The sight of her in it elongates and hardens my cock in seconds. The feminine eroticism of that gown against my naked skin feels magical. When it’s silken smoothness drapes over my cock it draws the blood to my penis and engorges it, warming it to ardent hardness. My balls get sucked up inside me in preparation for sexual exploitation. But by the time we both got into bed the hour was late and sadly fatigue won the battle with lust. The confusion of the day was too much even for this lust filled man.
    So after those very pleasant erotic dreams I awoke with the scene set by those dreams for some very erotic conscious thoughts. My novels are inspired by sexy conversations with female friends on line, my own experiences, my fantasies as well events in friends sex lives. So at 5 AM that morning the totality of my sexual pondering was swirling in my head, tugging on my cock, making my prostate throb and causing precum to weep from my cock slit. It was time.
    To launch that morning I didn’t need the silky soft inspiration of J’s gown enshrouded derriere on my cockhead. Instead I planted my fleshy root on the soft welcoming surface of the mattress underneath me. I knew that it was going to be a great session immediately because the sensation of pleasure began to blossom deep inside me as soon as my sensitive cock cleft felt the cool pressure of the soft sheets. I acknowledged the invasion of pleasure by mentally laying my body and my mind out before it passively, like a sacrificial lamb for slaughter. As I lay there I felt the hot knife of orgasmic rapture slice me and lay me open to accept the most profoundly erotic sensations my body can accept.
    I fueled the ferocity of the assault with thoughts of things I was writing about in the novel. Those thoughts and J’s feminine warmth and scent taunted the pleasure as if it was a hungry caged animal. Breathing deeply and regularly, the caged animal was taunted further as raw meat of sexual desire was waved in front of its face just out of reach.
    The effect of combined imagery, breathing and my desire was incendiary. The fire of orgasm was roaring deep inside of me like a lustful blast furnace. The blast furnace had turned my desire into a molten pool steaming in it’s desperation; hardened in a furnace of lust, my cock was forged into a piece of hot steel. My corona was purple and swollen and taut; it ached with erotic sensation. The sensitive cleft on the bottom of my cock head was tingling, it responded to the pressure of the mattress like a bumble bee savoring the nectar of a rich fragrant flower.
    I imagined my cock to be a projectile, a veritable missile that had a divine mission…. To deliver me the profound pleasure that was promised me earlier. As the roar of desire rumbled in my ears I felt myself being propelled higher and higher as the pleasure deep inside my asshole redoubled and pushed me harder and faster. I breathed deeply to feed the blast furnace of orgasm as the exquisite agony of my crescendo began to squeeze my cock and prostate. Higher and higher and faster and faster I was being thrust by the pleasure that was consuming my anal canal. The sensations of sexual bliss were saturating my body and holding me down. The burden of extreme sensation made me heavy and lethargic, leaving my mind vulnerable to sensations that escape my ability to describe.
    Then with the rhythmic clicking of a metronome my anus began to spasm, opening and closing with a pulsing pleasure that sent chills up my spine and torrents of molten ecstasy to flood my anal canal and fill my brain. My anus was impaled by an imaginary cock that was determined to torture me with the sweet anguish of orgasm. It speared my hole and propelled me higher and higher. The sensations of excruciating erotic pleasure now had control of my entire body making me twist in desperate erotic bliss.
    And then in a flash of light I burst through the clouds to a blinding orgasmic crescendo; the clean pure anguish of orgasmic rapture entered my body as I stared into the sensuous eyes of feiminine euphoria. With the distraction of the most beautiful thing I had ever experienced in my eyes, I was prepared for orgasmic slaughter. The deeply sensual fingers of desire held my anus open as I lay immobile awash in bliss. As fingers opened me they escorted the onslaught of sweet pleasurable sensations to enter me. Divinely sweet pleasure poured into my quivering asshole in relentless cascading waves. Over and over my anus convulsed sending sensations of sweet agony into me.
    The pleasure screamed inside me with a shrillness that hardened my nipples and made them tingle. An erotic scream echoed inside of me triggering a divine cacophony of orgasmic contractions.
    Through the orgasmic haze I recognized the triad that grants me the sensation that inspires this writing and makes my penis stiffen when I think about those sensations in the middle of the day.
    The orgasmic crescendo begins as extremely intense contractions of my prostate. Those contractions are so deep and so hard it is as if my very soul is being tortured by pleasure that is so intense I scream in silence like the famous painting by . The echo of pleasure from my prostate reverberated inside of me making my anus contract and release rhythmically. Each opening and closing was like an erotic pop and sent a wave of warm ecstasy flowing to my urethral bulb. Tricked into thinking it was full of cum, it reacted with a hard spasm expelling the invisible semen. That expulsive contraction made my cock lurch which made a wave of contractive delightful tug on my perineum. That in turn made my prostate spasm again initiating the sequence of pleasure to repeat itself.
    The triad of pleasurable contraction of my prostate, anus and penile bulb assumed a musical cadence; beating a resonating bass urgency that shook my body. Rhythmically the pulsing beat of agonizing orgasmic rapture played inside of me over and over again like a tape set to loop; the pre cum drooled from my cock as the glands inside me wept with the beauty of the music that stirred them. The rhythmic pulsing pleasure rose and fell in intensity fueled by my erotic thoughts and my sustained deep breathing.
    The resonating waves of orgasmic delight remained suspended inside of me as each triad of pulsing pleasure repeated in a relentless pattern. Soon my entire body was consumed in a symphony of sensations that hardened my nipples and cock and sent my mind reeling out of my body to a warm sensual place. I floated in that blissful state as pounding pulsing contractions milked and twisted my body in orgasmic rapture far below.
    There was no sense of time or place as the orgasm resonated inside me over and over, tugging and jerking on my cock, anus, nipples and prostate eliciting wondrous sensation from me as I struggled to maintain awareness and control of my body. I felt the orgasmic spasm squeeze my prostate so hard it made my legs quake. I was sure I was going to release cum in the bed but I didn’t. I was pushed to limits and I did not yield to the tantalizing temptation to ejaculate as sensuous visions milked rapture from me.
    A full two hours later I fluttered to earth as bliss released me from her avaricious grasp; the sheets were sopping with my pre cum. Its a good thing they are due to be changed today. J will awake to the huge wet spot and groan knowing what happened. The oxymoronic state of being wasted but extremely aroused settled into me as I lay there. My prostate was throbbing from the work out; i envisioned it being a marathon runner that had just crossed the finish line. But my cock was iron stiff, as it is now, held in the tender hand of J’s warm feminine sensuality as she slept next to me.

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