• Orgasmic Symphony

    When I don’t make these posts I feel like a part of my sex life is missing. Describing the experiences I have is as much a part of my sexual response as is having them. There is an erotic excitement to writing these that I miss when I skip them. I savor all the things I write about as they happen to me, then I get to savor them again as I remember them and commit them to words. The act of recalling erotic sensations and experiences allows me to indulge myself like I woud with a favorite wine or chocolate that I have been craving. They satisfy me as they turn me on. Savoring the sensations, emotions and rapture I experience and describing them to readers is as sensual as the experience itself.
    When I write these entries I am fully erect and dripping precum; I am now. I am embarrassed to say that I use ladies panty liners to keep from soaking through my pants when I write; indeed I have one in now. I have just learned that they have come out with a version of underwear liners for men. I will have to get some and see if they work as well as ladies. I must say however that the understated fetishist in me secret is turned on when I slide a women’s liner in my underwear. What can I say?
    Beyond how these entries arouse me, a few friends that read them have commented to me that they turn them on too. The fact that they do is very gratifying and arousing to me. There is an anonymous erotic connection between us in the verbal exhibitionism in these entries. The fact that they influence readers erotically is also a huge turn on for me.
    The days since my last entry have been pretty typical in my erotic life. I have been doing an MMO session every other morning at three – five AM. That time seems to established itself as the optimal time for my sessions. My normal morning erection sets me up really fast to launch in J’s warm derriere or just from my own touch if I am traveling alone. In that early hour I am relaxed and my mind is clear and unstressed and open to erotic thoughts, often times an erotic dream provides the bridge between normal consciousness and the serene quiet of orgasmic rapture. The peaceful hours in a warm bed allow me plenty of time to savor the waves of bliss that detonate and echo in my pelvis without distraction before I get on with my day.
    Early morning sessions also hone my arousal for the day to a razor thin edge. When I am done I am extremely turned on; the residual arousal from MMO clasps my cock, balls and prostate and tugs them sensually all day. After a deep session I will get unsolicited anal pleasure spasms later in the day when I see an attractive woman. Being around young women as I am where I work adds an additional dimension of pleasure to my clinging arousal. Current styles of womens clothing, particularly skin hugging spandex pants that hug every inch of a womans figure and thin form fitting tube tops and sweaters create a provocatively erotic aura to my daily life. Nipples sprouting under tube and tank tops that reveal the gracefully erotic beauty of young tits capture my attention and make my cock hard as my asshole spasm pleasantly. I love living my life in a state of permanent arousal. My morning MMO’s help me do that.
    Beyond daily MMOs, and these entries I have finished the draft of my erotic novel. It is almost done but I am finding it easy and very titillating to continue the editing process making the narrative more and more arousing. I began it 3 years ago but it seems never to be really done. Much of the content of my hundreds of blog entries over the years seems to find its way into the intensely erotic narrative of the novel. It is semi autobiographical, giving me a chance to write some of my sexual life experiences but also giving me a chance to explore some fantasies that I might never indulge in. Most arousing for me, it is allowing me to expand the reality of my sex life into some conclusions that might have been had opportunity and my choices been different. As is the case with these blog entries that I write when I work on the novel the words saturate my mind with sensual images and sexual thoughts and cast my molten cock into steel hardness as the precum flows.
    So after a week of mental edging and the resulting steaming sexual desire, when I got to bed last night I was ready to cum and cum hard. Before bed I was chatting with an on line friend (that has become a RL friend) that since I have been rewired I don’t do solo masturbation anymore. I find the orgasms from solo self pleasure to be shallow and not deeply satisfying. The other thing is that when I solo it takes an extremely long time for me to cum. Prostate orgasm has lengthened the time for me to reach arousal both in the menu of my intimate relations with J and in masturbation; it has also increased the volume and force of my ejaculation. I much prefer for J to get me off than doing it myself. In truth she is better at coaxing intense ecstasy from my cock than I am.
    As I got ready for bed I was thinking about this entry and the events that were about to happen; for some reason the image of the weeks activities where that of an orchestra, in the cacophony just before a concert. I envisioned dozens of instrument playing, each one trilling its own part as the player got warmed up for the performance. But when the conductor steps up to the podium and taps her baton, the ensemble silences immediately and focuses their rapt attention on the woman standing before them as they poise themselves to make a sensually beautiful piece of music flow from their carefully blended music. Music can be a sensual and sex and indeed often time sex is enhanced by beautiful music.
    So last night, without words J knew of my orgasmic need. I had been a week without an ejaculation; a very unusual circumstance. It was our foray into sixty nine, a very very erotic experience for me. I have concluded that it is the powerful scent and taste of J’s pussy in arousal that girds my erection and the pleasure that results from her warm mouth suckling my cock head.
    J knows me well enough to know that I need the release that accompanies a wet orgasm after several days of MMO. So as the erotic cacophony in my head rose to a din at the end of the week, she assumed her position on the podium between my legs. She was nude. Despite her age she is still one of the most erotically lithe and sensually feminine women I know. The sight of her full, pert breasts and hardened nipples with her narrow waist and flared hips flowing down to a downy v shaped patch in her crotch made my cock drool a stream of my passion. As she knelt before my parted legs made my prostate harden and ready itself to sing out high shrill notes of the rising sexual tension deep in my cock root. As a trumpet player’s neck strains and veins in his forehead bulge, the veins in my cock were bulging, it was hard and extended, standing up ready to hurl ropes of semen. The high pitched desperation that hummed in my cock was silent to J, but I could hear it in my head.
    My back was propped against the head board and my knees were bent with my legs parted as she kneeled between them. She had full access to all my erotic instruments. So with the commanding grace of a conductor tapping the music stand she leaned forward and wrapped her lips around my left nipple, the more sexually sensitive one.
    When the warmth of her mouth embraced the soft flesh of my nipple the cacophony of my arousal silenced immediately just as an orchestra stills when the conductor taps his baton on the music stand. With my flesh baton hardened and straining the orchestra of my pleasure waited for the signal to start playing their parts. And when her tongue began to flick and massage the hardening nub of my nipple it sent warm ripples of erotic sensuality down to the orchestra pit deep in my anus, it was like the baton rose and came down signaling every one to ready themselves to ring out their sweet music.
    I buried my face in the hot wetness of her open pussy and inhaled the pungent sweetness of her cunt in arousal. I dipped my tongue into the well of her pleasure and drank the thickened milk of her passion.
    Erotic rapture filled my head immediately. All of my sex organs hardened and prepared to play the complex piece of orgasmic music she was guiding them to play. With the rhythmically pleasurable pounding of a percussion section my anus, prostate, perineum and cock began to pulse and thump. My anus began to flex and release in staccato contractions that forced my perineum to respond in sympathy and contract in syncopated rhythm. Inspired by the exquisite pleasure that was emanating from my anus my penile bulb and cock root began to convulse and lurch like kettle drums pounding with a melodic beat.
    As the pleasure in me grew I was unable to focus on giving her pleasure and instead savored the intimacy of kissing her clit and as the pleasure in my cock grew to explosive proportions.
    Inspired by the sexy heat and scent of her dripping cunt a complex interplay of pleasurably rhythmic sensations suddenly gripped my anus, cock and perineum. A chorus of ecstasy harmonized in my head. In an erotic jam session my cock and anal tract sought just the right moment to convulse in an interplay of bliss contributing to the ecstatic tension. The sensations of divine sensation moved back and forth between my asshole and my stiff cock with the exquisitely sweet ache in my perineum filling the space between the beats. My crotch and anal opening provided the opening salvo in the orchestration.
    Like a masterful conductor, J knew which instrument to bring into the orgasmic symphony. She needed no sheet music; the song was in her head. She lowered her mouth to my cock. My rigid penis became the brass section. The long hardened flesh rod was like a trombone slide fully extended, primed to let lose in an erotic baritone voice. She wrapped her lips around my cockhead, trapping it in her mouth by locking her lips just behind my coronal ridge. With the grace of a talented musician she pointed her tongue and began to alternately massage and flick my frenular cleft and my cock slit. She collected the stream pre cum from my cock slit like a delicate hummingbird sipping my nectar.
    My cock became that trombone with its pleasure sliding effortlessly between waling high notes and rich, lush low notes; the eloquent and intense erotic stimulation that penetrated my cock and caused it to tense and pulse at its base rose above the thumping beat of my anus and perineum. The agonizing lament of sexual tension rising filled my head and tugged on my cock shaft. The piercing pleasure made all other sensation drift into oblivion as I savored each note in the intricate melody it was playing. The vision of a trombone melody and thick syrupy notes of sweet agony penetrating my anus made it difficult for me to breathe.
    As my anus throbbed rhythmically and my cock shrieked in complex trills and arpeggios, J called on other instruments to add to the rapturous noise. Taking the finger tips of one hand she caressed my balls and began to lightly tease the flesh of my sac. As the orgasmic music built up, my balls attempted to retreat into me in preparation for ejaculation, but the warm teasing of her palm and fingertips forced them to hang soft and relish the delightful tickling that surrounded them.
    As she played my balls like they were maracas and tongued my cockhead the melody became more complex and mesmerizing. It had captured my attention as it stilled me in melodious rapture. As I drifted into the pleasantly anguishing haze of rich luxurious sensation that silently rang in my ears, she called in the next part of the orchestra.
    Wetting her finger with the mix of her saliva and my pre cum that was drooling down my cock shaft she applied her slippery digit to my anus as it flexed and expressed its pleasure in metronome like rhythmic convulsions.
    With the delicacy of a violinist she placed her finger on my asshole like it was a precious Stradivarius and began to slide her finger in a tight little circle around the rim of my anus, as if she knew an agonizingly ecstatic melody would ring within my body; it did. As the excruciating ripples of sexual desire echoed in my anal tract, with every few circles she that she tantalized my anus she dipped her finger into the opening to tease the ultrasensitive and intensely erotically responsive puckered skin.
    As she teased the opening to coax a vulgarly elegant orgasm from me, the high pitched shriek of anal sensations joined in the symphony. The shrill whine of a prostate tightening in the grip of pending ejaculation wrapped around the shrill rapture of my cock root crouched in a preorgasmic knot and straining to release lifted me to a deliriously quiet place in my mind.
    My pelvis and perineum were screaming in harmonious discord as intense orgasmic tension was building; but my mind was being lulled into peaceful bliss. As the aching tension in my pelvis and anal tract was building it seemed to keep my mind still as if it was holding it down and immobilizing my thoughts so I could do nothing but experience the exquisite spurting rapture that was about to seize control of me.
    Then as this glorious orgasmic symphony increased its intensity, J began to slide her mouth up and down on my aching cock shaft. The sensation of her lips wrapped around my shaft, sliding up and down as she sucked it while her tongue massaged my cock sulcus was driving me to the brink of sanity. Excruciating pleasure thundered in my ears as it forced my anus open and gripped my cock. My anal tract, anus, perineum, cock root and nipples came together in a chorus that was so eloquently sensual my legs started to tremble.
    The powerful crescendo charmed my prostate to relinquish, coaxing it to pump softly at first and increase in intensity as J milked my cock with her mouth. With a mellow pleasure of a french horn the ecstasy of my pumping prostate took control of my anal canal and cock. The warm, mellow and syrupy thick pleasure from my prostate radiated out in waves across my body. I was literally paralyzed with pleasure.
    The euphoric ecstasy lifted me to the threshold to the climax of this performance. The thunderous eloquence and the complex sensuality of my hot male cream gushing down the core of my cock shaft immobilized my body and coerced my mind to be still and quiet. The ecstatic pumping of my prostate dipped into the steaming well of cum deep inside of me and began to suck it up.
    A crescendo of blistering hot ecstasy pulsed deep in my anal tract and made my penile bulb pump hard, the resulting rush of hot cum spewing from my cock slit brought a sensation of unparalleled euphoria. I literally pissed a stream of hot thick semen into J’s mouth. I emptied my steaming load as she remained still with my cockhead in her mouth relishing for her prize. Her lips were still behind my frenular ridge so when my creamy cocktail flowed onto her tongue in a hot flood; she hastened it by sucking on my cockhead as it was spewing. Demurely she swallowed the steaming load when I was done pumping.
    She kept my cock in her mouth as it softened, its job was done. She sucked the very last drop of semen from my slit like it was the creamy sweet bottom of a malted milk; she wanted to get every bit of the hot contents of my balls.
    If I could have done a standing ovation I would have. She has given me oral sex before but somehow this one was special. Everything seemed to be in slow motion. The deeper the sensation of pleasure was the more I felt myself being drawn under into a warm safe place of sexual rapture where the only thing I was aware of was the serene ecstasy of orgasmic sensation.
    Definitely an orgasm worth writing about.

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      12/28/2015at3:38 am

      Ling beautiful erotic writing as always. You're words played symphony in my brain and on my pleasure receptors too! One of your best blogs!

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