• Only Dry O's

    So I have been having a great journey thus far. I have been taught and have taught a few myself. A major shout out too @chuckjo2000 But I have a new challenge for myself. I have noticed that I can have frequent HFWO when I have my sessions. Some times when I'm rewiring in a session I get so worked up and hard I have to ejaculate to get off cause the sensation is so strong. Well my challenge for this week is to not have a wet orgasm weather its from ejaculation or hands free. I will only have and try to have only dry orgasms and full body orgasms. The longest I have went was four days with out cumming. y goal is a week which is 7 long horny days. This will help learn more about rewiring and building and edging. I know how to edge but its hard to throw a orgasm away when its right at the tip. This will also give me strength to not always want to have a wet orgasm. My first night is tonight so I will check back with you guys on my experience.

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