• One Step Closer – Involuntary Convulsions.

    Since my Progasm Ice arrived 10 days ago, I haven’t really slept that much. Every night, starting around 11:30, I have inserted the beast and tried for the Big O. I know I am not supposed to chase it, but I can’t help myself. Reading all the experiences on this site have made me determined to try. So, I insert it every evening, I have practiced the breathing and PC muscle contractions – this I have learnt to do now and my muscles down there seem strong and responsive. I usually leave the Progasm in all night, which causes me to wake up several times and start the PC exercises again.
    A few days ago, I left work early and went home. As I was alone with several hours up my sleeve, I thought I would do everything right. I bought a douche when I purchased my Progasm, along with some gel type lube. I had never used a douche before and found the experience interesting, but I was nice and clean. I lubed out, syringing heaps right up in-side me. I inserted the Progasm and spend several more hours, learning and enjoying – but no Big O.
    Last night I continued again, lots of lube, (I am still clean from the douche a few days ago). I have read on this site by many successful members, that the Big O usually follows the anal muscles doing involuntary contractions and that this is out of the persons control – like the body takes over and knows what it needs to do. I had not experienced this, so last nights mission became – ‘I want to experience Involuntary contractions”.
    As I lay on my left side with my right leg bent up (as I usually do), laying almost face down with my penis free to grow in the cleft formed by my right leg. I began to contract my muscles until I felt that magical spot. Then I stopped and just lay there. I was kind of doing the “Do nothing” technique except I was feeling every muscle inside my anus to see if any involuntary activity was happening. I began to tease the muscles, squeezing, ever so slightly, a muscle here and a muscle there. Then the involuntary contractions started. And WoW, did it feel good, the muscles all by themselves pushed the Progasm up a bit, touching the prostate. It felt very different from when I do it by squeezing. These involuntary contractions started more and more, then all my muscles tensed up, my penis became erect and dribbled precum as my heart started racing (by the way, I could feel a warm sensation in my penis as the precum oozed – I have not experienced that before). The sensations lasted 15 -30 seconds before subsiding, then I would start again and it happened again and again.
    This morning (Saturday) I could sleep-in a bit. My wife got up early and went out. So I was home alone and able to truly explore my newly found skill of turning on involuntary contractions. I did as the night before, and every time the involuntary contractions started they were followed by the same tightening of muscles, erect penis and the Progasm was being pushed further and further inside me.
    Again, I enjoyed this three times, however the last time was very different!
    As the muscles did their involuntary contractions, and very enjoyable as the Progasm pushed and massaged my prostate, I felt the energy build and build and my penis became very erect and started tingling. My breathing was deep and my heart was beating with excitement. This time, my whole torso started convulsing, like during an orgasm, over and over. Like I was riding a wild bronco, it came in sequence – wave after wave, then again wave after wave then again, all up it lasted probably 15 minutes. (If my wife had been asleep next to me, she would have been awoken by my convulsing body bouncing all over the bed). Disappointingly, I did not get the immense pleasure that I have read other members experienced. I am not saying it wasn’t enjoyable – it was very enjoyable, but not “mind-blowing” – perhaps I was analyzing it too much, as I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next.
    As the waves continued, I wanted to touch my body – everywhere – I ran my hand across my chest and around to my buttocks, my hands moved up and down my slippery cleft where I could feel the Progasm protruding through my anus. I massaged my cheeks, my scrotum and all between my legs. I decided to finish off with a regular orgasm, I rolled onto my back and clenched my penis, my other hand reaching under, between my legs, feeling my slippery progasm filled anus. It didn’t take long before the wonderful regular orgasm hit and buckets of warm cum covered my chest.
    Well, I guess I am even closer to achieving the Super O thanks to Aneros and the information on this site.
    I Love my new Progasm, we have become very close friends over the past 10 days.
    From what I have read, Super O’s get easier to have once you have had one, is this true? And do they feel stronger and more intense the more you have?
    I will keep you updated on my next session.
    By the way, last week (8 days ago) I decided to abstain from masturbating as I have read this helps achieve a Super O.

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      08/21/2016at7:11 pm

      @OMGBO good post! Thank you for sharing. I also enjoy my P-Ice, the 2nd in my collection (first was the Helix Syn). Although I am a few miles behind you, I’m happy with my progress. Keep us informed.

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