• One session a week. What’s that like?

    Now I’m not complaining, far from it. Don’t get me wrong, enjoying almost constant sexual energy and rampant levels of arousal are just the ticket and I can’t believe my luck. But I do find it just ever so slightly distracting. I am carrying out my daily routine of prescribed exercise for an annoying sciatic problem and find myself unable to continue when a series of mini O’s launch themselves upon me until I end up laughing at the absurdity of it. I am seated at the dining table having lunch or suchlike, the chairs are quite hard I admit, sudden waves of pleasure surge through my nether regions, my facial expression must surely betray me. Nobody notices. I find myself watching the weather girls on tv, I have no idea at all what the forecast is. All I know is, they look pretty hot to me, and from a certain angle I am sure I can glimpse a nipple. I limp out of the room, surely the bulge in my shorts must betray me. Nobody notices. I made a decision to give myself a “cooling down” period and take a weeks break from all Aneros activity which usually consists of three sessions per week. From there I was going to try a weekly Aneros session and ejaculate as and when necessary. A week of chastity was not difficult for me, I have twice completed the 21 day challenge and made it beyond that one time. But how might I cope with no Aneros sessions and semen retention, I was already at day 5 when I began? After about 3 days things were ok, no strong Aless to distract me and I felt a bit more grounded. By day 5 I found I was yearning for the end of the week to come, 10 days of SR and no Aneros for days were beginning to tell. Although my horniness was ramping up by the day I found it was not quite as all consuming. Day 7 duly arrived, I was definitely needing my fix and I couldn’t wait to get started. For the session I chose my Eupho Trident, it performs wonderfully and has never disappointed me so far. The Eupho wasn’t so much inserted, more like swallowed hungrily. Within a few minutes I was in rapture, it felt ever so good to be back. The Eupho is the only model I own that seems to invite penis to the party, and on this occasion penis was only too happy to accept the invitation. Well he had been in solitary confinement for 10 days! Some wonderful dry O’s ensued while my cock was pulsing and throbbing in accompaniment. It was too much to bear and I couldn’t resist stroking and rubbing my engorged member, usually I forgo stimulation during a session, but this time it felt just right. I would stroke for a while and then stop and concentrate on the waves of pleasure from my prostate, then back on the cock for a while and so on. Inevitably I felt an ejaculation building and stopped short a few times but was edging ever closer. Then I knew I had gone too far and readied myself for the impending ejaculation. But it didn’t quite go as I expected. I knew I was going to cum, I could feel it making its way but, instead of spurting out, and apologies if this is just too much information, I witnessed the largest amount of semen I have produced in years simply flow out like it would never stop. What a sight. But still no orgasm, gently I teased my glans until I felt my prostate thumping and I had the most wonderful penile orgasm with more cum. Having barely gotten over that my Eupho seemed determined to have the final word as a wave of pleasure surged outward from my prostate. I felt well and truly drained, literally. Such a session I have never experienced. I think the reason for such a successful session might just have been that all of the pieces were there to enable it and they just fell into place on the night. Mainly though, I was well and truly ready for my Aneros session and seemed to build up the anticipation as I counted down the days, it felt the same as attempting SR. Interesting, I’m going to try it again.


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      05/15/2018at8:31 am

      @Harper It sounds like your first “ejaculation” was a ruined orgasm! They normally are not that thrilling, but you followed-up with a “traditional” penile ejaculation, so you had the best of everything! A well-written piece, full of detail. Not too lengthy at all. Looking forward to your next Aneros adventure!

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      05/15/2018at5:06 pm

      Hi @Harper, I agree with @goldenboy’s expertise. Just enough information from my point of you, not one word too much, love your vivid writing. Very stimulating. And I love that way to end SR, first edging until a wonderful ruined orgasm happens, just flowing out like you described, followed by an involuntary spurting one, feels so wonderful.
      Keep us posted! Full of anticipation to read about your next session. Cheers! Mart

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