• On the shelf – with nocternal relief

    Last night while my wife was out late I decided to have a session. I was looking for a pretty quick fix, so I slid in my trusty blue progasm. Since its just plastic, no silicone, I used some silicone lube and it slid in nicely. I sat in the recliner for a while reading, but put my book aside as I was having too many delicious fantasies. I started my orgasmic climb, much like a fighter-interceptor jet seeking out an enemy bomber, but I reached a certain altitude, a certain plateau, my orgasmic ceiling, and couldn’t go higher – suspended in a delicious but frustrating zone. I needed to go to sleep, so I somewhat reluctantly removed my aneros. I came down rather rapidly and got ready for bed.
    Around 4 am or so, I awoke, aware of a wetness in my pjs and aware that I had an erotic dream. I had just experienced a nocturnal emission. The dream was a nice one – in the dream my wife had finally agreed to try pegging and she had got really into it.
    Yet another example of how prostate orgasms cannot be forced, and relaxation, rather than pressure or an anxiety to reach a goal, is key.


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      05/27/2016at4:04 pm

      Hi prostatephun,
      I enjoyed reading your poetic description of your session with your blue progasm! 🙂 Can you tell us if you used the classic blue version or blue ice?
      I suggest that you share your erotic dream with your wife and see if she is willing to peg you! 🙂
      As for myself, it took me a good year or more to learn the important lesson of relaxation in my Aneros sessions and not to force them. Now generally I let go in my sessions and lose myself in the various pleasures that my models give me 🙂

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      05/27/2016at6:18 pm

      I should also be headed for a NE (would like to get one at my age!) I have drastically cut back on my ejaculations (once a week). I definitely can supply the erotic dreams as well. Plus the night-time erections feel so good!
      Relaxation is definitely key. Lately, I am not ‘forcing’ anything, What ever happens, happens! Sometimes the “surprises” are mind-blowing!

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      06/20/2016at12:55 pm

      The progasm I use is the classic or original type, which just so happens to be blue in colour. A few years back I hinted to my wife about pegging but it was a resounding no way. Many years ago she would massage my prostate with her finger and she has indicated she might be willing to resume that, but for now she feels my toys [various aneros, njoys, lelos etc.] should meet my needs.

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      03/12/2017at2:10 pm

      Yes relaxation is definitely the key as well as focus! The last several mornings I have awakened early with the urge to do an aless session. Have been totally relaxed due to sleep. Started with a gentle anal massage which eventually leads to my finger being sucked in close to the sphincter. Do a gentle rocking motion with outside fingers pulling on each butt cheek. Soon things begin to happen as intense feelings of pleasure grow over me and the sphincter begins convulsing and eventually have multiple anal orgasms. Each morning this happens with each new session growing more intense with euphoric results! Have several Aneros but it’s faster to use my finger and no cleanup!

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