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    Had a very good session last night, started on my back, leg up, feet flat on bed, listen to some Hypnaerosession i found. I experienced some very new sensation, was like very small orgasm, but over and over and over for 15min, it had me do some pc muscle squeeze, then i try to go back to relax, but everytime i relax, it stop. it was strange but fun
    i got so excited that my penis felt like a rock hard pole, dripping in precum, never seen that much precum before, and at one point, with some very very light touch on the head of my penis, i came like a mad man, cum everywhere, and a feeling of deep satisfaction. I know it still not the super O, but the small O i experienced, was a good reward after 2 months of nothing

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      08/09/2013at8:43 pm

      It seems like your grasping the right techniques to achieve a aneros orgasms. Your fine on your way to a super O. Keep up the great job man.

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