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    Today I can finally say i had a totally hands free prostate dry orgasm that felt amazing. It was supprising also because I thought for sure It was going to end with a ejaculation. I try not to blog after every session because most of them have been the same with nothing real amazing to report. I have been going back and forth with the ps new model and helix synn, favoring the helix more often for better results. I have been starting out on my side with the do nothing technique and As I relax the sensations build and I get intermittent pulsing in my prostate with a warming feeling. This subsides after about twenty minutes so I roll on to my back and pull my knees up feet flat on the bed. The moving around and re positioning gets the feelings to start coming back. I then just rock my legs slightly from side to side or open and close gently and sometimes rub my thighs together imagining they are touching someone else. This little bit of movement is enough to get the Aneros moving without forcing it by contracting. My cock also moves around gently during this process that adds some good feeling. the combination of everything and some nipple stimulation really gets me on my way with out any forced contractions or touching of the cock. The pleasure builds and my cock start s to get hard but not fully erect.If i move around a little bit more agressivly the aneros massages my prostate with out contracting anything. I try and relax my pc muscles as much as possible and just let the movement of my legs get the aneros in motion. finally the feeling builds to a warm tingling sensation in my prostate and the urge to ejaculate and in the past that is what has happened, but not this time the feelings built again the urge was there and then my prostate and anus started to orgasm very gently for 10-15 contractions and to my supprise no ejaculate just a small amount of pre cum leaking out. I stopped and relaxed and it felt just like i had had a ejaculatory orgasm, I was running out of time so I could not wait it out to see if I could build up to another orgasm. Looking forward to trying a gain and if I have the same results going a little further for more pleasure. Not sure who labels us in our profile but I am still listed as a newbie. I think after all this time and considering my advancements I am on my way to the next level not that that it matters just sayin.

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      10/19/2016at11:02 pm

      @sfs congratulations on your confirmed hands free orgasm! It’s always nice to read about someone’s success stories. I’m happy for you! Please keep writting about your further progress.
      The membership status changes based on the number of posts written no matter how successful one is in his rewiring process.

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