• Oh that Aneros feel! Early Monday evening session, 8/8/16

    Hi guys,
    Once again I had that irrepressible hankering or horniness for an Aneros session, a mere twenty hours after the previous one, very early Monday morning! Oh my body wanted it and I was happy to oblige. So early last Monday evening prepped in order the following models: Progasm Jr, Maximus, and Progasm Ivory.
    I cannot tell you all how much I have come to value Progasm Jr. Although it has Aneros “slippery” Ice material, it locks into place when I ride him. Progasm Jr has joined my team when I engage my attempts for a Super-T shoot. But last evening, I rode him just because I just like his feel as he massages and exercises my anal canal and musculature and also my prostate. Likewise I did the same with Maximus also part of my Super-T team. I performed sets of Kegels and Reverse Kegels on Maximus last evening.
    I just love the feel of Progasm Ivory as well which, I believe, is a happy marriage between the sleek feel of Program ICE and the rugged feel of big bruiser, Progasm Classic. I rode Progasm Ivory for over thirty minutes last evening, also performing Kegels and Reverse Kegels with him. Progasm Ivory felt so good and I felt so relaxed that I fell asleep. When I came to, it was already 9:10 p.m. past dusk. So I brought the session to the end.
    There is a great temptation for an advanced Aneros user as me to have daily sessions, or even sessions each morning and evening. But Aneros Directions for Use advise against that because I have noticed that having daily sessions give diminishing returns. I have noticed from the onset of my Aneros sessions in June 2012 that they are like a sport or athletics like weight training during which you alternate active days with days off. The body has to recover from such an active regimen. Many really advanced Aneros users progress toward having sessions one or twice a week of 30-60 minutes a session. Right now I just love the Aneros feel and the Aless electric feel, although moderation is called for. So at least today, I am taking off from Anerosing and just savoring my Aless. Take care!

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