• Off to the races

    Finally making my way back to the hotel, I prepared for my first experience with my new MGX.
    I had some nice music, dimmed lights, bottle of red wine, a little porn, and lots of lube.
    Taking the advice of some on the blogs and wiki, I shaved a bit. I turned on the music, dimmed the lights and went to the bathroom to take a nice hot shower to relax.
    Afterward, I started preparing.
    I laid out a towel on the bed, another rolled and placed on the night table. I put a bottle of water and a tube of Astroglide on the night table as well.
    I douched and inserted about 3 tablespoons of WET while I was in the bathroom.
    Honestly, this is starting to feel a little clinical, so I'm not sure how I'm going to do with the description of what actually happened…
    I went to the bed and took the MGX and applied a lot of lube to the MGX, being careful not to lube the p-tab as the wiki recommended.
    I laid on my left side, left leg straight, right leg at a 90 degree angle.
    Pillows for my head and one for the screams of joy I was anticipating.
    I inserted the MGX slowly and felt it slide into place. The feeling was amazing and I laid there enjoying the new sensation. Not really focusing on anything, just trying to relax, listening to the music, touching my nipples, arching my back, enjoying the time I was spending with myself.
    It was going to be great….

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